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How One Young World changed our world

Author: Student Insights

Published: 22 May 2020

One Young World Forum

Every year, ICAEW sends a selection of ambassadors to the One Young World summit, one of the biggest global gatherings of talented young people, with talks from influential political, business and humanitarian leaders. Here, a group of ICAEW Ambassadors from previous years share the impacts that One Young World has had on their lives.

I was humbled by others’ struggles

Alec James, audit associate – charity and non-profit at Buzzacott
ICAEW Ambassador, One Young World 2019

When I applied to be a One Young World Ambassador, I wondered if I’d be what they were looking for. I was less than a year into my training and a lot of the entries were made using amazing film equipment, and I was using my phone.

It was amazing to hear from leaders my age who are doing amazing things. I remember two young people who had escaped North Korea and were dedicated to freeing their country. You come away with a sense that you should do something. We’re given this opportunity as young people, and there’s almost an obligation on us to make a difference.

I learned the difference I can make

Ali Qasim, global advisory, Rothschild & Co
ICAEW Ambassador, One Young World 2018
I took a lot away from One Young World, but the biggest thing for me was that we can make a difference. Changing the world can seem too big to attempt, but it actually starts with one person. Then it’s a ripple effect – you change someone’s world, they change someone else’s world, and so on.

That’s what I’ve implemented in my career. I advise chief executives, CFOs, HM Treasury, but it’s not just about profit any more – it’s about purpose. Capitalism can work for good. It’s about stakeholders as well as shareholders, which widens the vision to include community and sustainability.

It taught me to be bold on sustainability

Dara Latinwo, manager, Deloitte Middle East
ICAEW Ambassador, One Young World 2017
I’d never been to a conference as big as One Young World before. It had such a broad scope. It’s made me a lot bolder in bringing sustainability into my work.
Attending One Young World has made me actively seek out projects with a positive societal impact, which is why I moved to the Middle East. There are huge transformation projects going on – such as Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia. Being part of transformation projects that have this vast scope to move away from dirty energy towards something more sustainable is amazing. I wouldn’t have moved here if it wasn’t for One Young World.

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