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ACA training success stories

Read about how organisations benefit from employing ACA students, and read testimonials from the staff directly involved with ACA training.

ICAEW students and members are in high demand across all sectors. More than 6,000 different types and sizes of organisations around the world reap the benefits of offering ACA training to their employees. 

The ACA enables students to gain the breadth and depth of technical knowledge to work across all aspects of management, finance and regulatory accounting, as well as developing advisory, commercial and digital skills to ensure they are business-ready for any organisation.

Find out how the organisations below are benefiting from employing ACA trainees.


Andreas Avraamides - Partner, Ernst & Young, Cyprus

"Qualifying as an ACA offers up career opportunities with no boundaries."

David Bailey - International Financial Controller, American Express, UK
"American Express train ACAs as we recognise that it is a premier accounting qualification. We will be able to develop high calibre Finance professionals, who will have had a variety of work experience from an early stage."

Matthew Blake - Group Chief Accountant, Centrica, UK

"We want to attract new graduates into the organisation – people may otherwise have thought about joining a professional services firm to obtain the ACA, but are attracted to gaining industry experience. We believe this could give us the edge in the graduate recruitment market."

Steve Dugmore - Head of Recruitment and Professional Training, National Audit Office, UK

"It’s good to be associated with a qualification that graduates will be interested in, and with the ICAEW, nothing stands still in terms of training and development. It is pretty forward-looking and responsive in that area."

Peter Estlin - Group Financial Controller, Barclays, UK
Offering the ACA helps us attract the best talent. The business benefits from access to skilled personnel, while individuals benefit from gaining an externally valued qualification. There’s goal congruency. We get something out of it; they get something out of it. I am surprised more organisations don’t do it. 
Evgenios C. Evgeniou – PwC, Cyprus

"The ACA qualification is a premium business qualification, greatly sought after by graduates, which gives our trainees the technical and business knowledge and experience they need and more importantly helps them develop into all rounded professionals who can service our clients with integrity."

Nik Jhangiani - CFO, Coca-Cola Hellenic, Greece

"Our passion for excellence is reflected in the investment we make in our people-development and performance programmes. Offering ACA training enhances the talent pool available to us."

Hamzan Khan - Associate, PwC Dubai
"In today’s world of accounting qualifications, the ACA stands as one of the oldest and most prestigious around. If you have it, you most certainly have an edge over others."
Clement Kwok King Man - CEO, Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels Ltd, Hong Kong

"I certainly believe that the ACA qualification equips young people well for taking on key management responsibilities."

Andrew McLaren - Training Partner, Beever and Struthers, UK

"As an independent firm with offices in Manchester, Blackburn and London, recruitment of ACA trainees is an integral part of our business model. Our broad client base enables us to provide students with exposure to both accountancy assignments and significant audit assignments, allowing them to fully develop a broad range of skills."

Zoe Pluckrose-Norman - People Director, Armstrong Watson
"As an ICAEW-authorised firm, when we acquired an office in Glasgow in 2018 we wanted to ensure that we could offer the ACA to our students there. ICAEW worked with training providers and other local employers to ensure that there were sufficient numbers for a new cohort of ICAEW students in Glasgow. Based on this, we are now able to offer our Cumbrian students ACA training in Glasgow – which unlike Newcastle or Manchester – has better train connections to Carlisle."
Terri Smith - Client Services Director, Rickard Luckin Ltd, UK
"It is a common preconception that training chartered accountants is expensive, but this isn’t necessarily so when compared to other qualifications...the cost carries less significance when considering the quality of the training and the added value a qualified ACA brings to a firm."
Steven Wall - Zurich Financial Services UK

"The ACA doesn’t just provide technical skills, it also enhances the capacity to think. The flexibility of the structure means we can ramp up aspects of training as and when it’s needed. We get strong support from the ICAEW on relevant issues, with tools and graduate recruitment."