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We have put together two sample scripts from practitioners, based on past Examinations of Experience that have achieved a good pass standard.

When reviewing these scripts, please note the following.

  • The assessors expect your application to provide details of experience from your employment during the last five years. The examples given in the sample scripts were within this period at the time when the applications were made.
  • The sample scripts have been amended to maintain the anonymity of the applicants.
  • Where appropriate, an indication has been given of the financial size (level of income and assets) of the charities referred to, so examples are placed in context. The examples in the sample scripts have been taken from both large and small charities: the assessors are not concerned with the absolute financial size of the charity or of the examples being discussed, but with whether the examples are material to the charity.
  • In general terms, the scripts display the characteristics of successful scripts as highlighted in the guidance within the application form. Some answers do not display all of these characteristics, but the answers to all requirements on both scripts achieve a clear pass standard.
  • In particular, both scripts demonstrate a strong awareness of ethical issues.
  • For requirement 1 of the Examination of Experience, both scripts used SORP 2015 as their subject matter. This was highly topical at the time of their application and was a popular choice. While the implementation of SORP 2015 may still be within the five-year window for applications made in 2018 and subsequently, you may wish to consider other more recent technical developments such as Charity Commission policy, best regulatory practice publications or recent government papers.
  • Other than for requirement 1 of the Examination of Experience, the scripts present a broad range of scenarios emphasising the wide scope of each requirement as envisaged by the assessors in the illustrative list of examples provided for each on the application form.

Download the specimen scripts

How to apply for the DChA (experience route)

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Examination of experience application form and guidance notes

Download the Experience of Examination application form and Guidance notes.