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Accounting apprenticeships FAQs

Whether you're an organisation in practice, industry or the public sector, explore the apprenticeship route and set your staff on a journey towards chartered accountancy and professional recognition.

If you have a question that hasn’t been included here, send us an email at bds@icaew.com or Register your Interest. A dedicated member of the ICAEW Business Development team will get in touch to help you explore your options.

How can I find and recruit suitable candidates
By training with ICAEW you will have access to: a pool of talented candidates, the Available Student Register, our Training Vacancies website, ICAEW events and BASE.
How do I get started?
Setting up an apprenticeship with ICAEW is straight-forward and a dedicated member of the ICAEW Business Development team will support you every step of the way. Find out more or contact our BD team at bds@icaew.com.
How will ICAEW support me?
We will support you every step of the way. You will have access to a dedicated Business Development Manager in your region, regular newsletters and the ICAEW helplines.
How will ICAEW support my trainees?
Apprentices have access to: exam and study resources, student guides and planners, student benefits, the Student Support team and more.
How will my business benefit from an apprenticeship?
In many ways. Apprenticeships can make your organisation more productive, reduce recruitment costs, increase the skills your business needs, strengthen your finance function and support succesion planning. Find out more about the benefits.
What do I need to know about 20% off-the-job training?
It takes place within normal working hours. It can include the teaching of theory, practical training and writing assignments. It’s flexible in terms of delivery, location and style. It’s something tuition providers can help you with. You may already have existing training programmes or materials you can use. Find out more here.
What does the funding cover?

Tuition fees, learning materials and the end-point assessment are all covered. Find out more about the costs and if you’re a non-levy payer find out more about accessing funding.

Which apprenticeship programme is right for my business?
ICAEW offers two programmes – the Level 4 and the Level 7. The ACA-CTA is also available on a Level 7 apprenticeship. The programmes cover all or some of the modules of the prestigious and globally recognised ICAEW qualification – the ACA. Technology, ethics and critical thinking are embedded throughout.
Who can do an apprenticeship?
New or existing staff, of any age, regardless of their educational background.