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Job hunting and interviews

Guidance on how to job hunt effectively, find jobs that are never advertised and how to interview effectively. You can also practice your interview skills, assessment group exercises and psychometric tests before the big day.


Job searching

ICAEW has teamed up with Simon Gray, ICAEW Chartered Accountant, former recruiter and author of ‘Super Secrets of Successful Executive Job Search’, to create a series of podcasts offering expert insights in how to find and secure the finance job you want.

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CVs and applications

This section looks at how you can demonstrate your skills in your job applications and how to create a great CV or apply confidently to a job application.

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Skills and behaviours

We explain what an employer typically looks for in any recruit, which skills and behaviours they usually see as critical and then how you can demonstrate these on your CV or job applications.

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Doing your research

How to go about researching the job and organisation you are applying for.

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Social media and job hunting

How to use it to improve your job prospects and avoid the pitfalls.

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Job applications: quality not quantity

Advice on how to tailor your application to the role you're applying for.

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