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Job applications: quality not quantity

When you apply for jobs, make sure you tailor your application to the role you are applying for.

Each job or organisation you apply for will probably require you (through their job advert) to demonstrate (through your job application) a slightly different set of skills, knowledge and personal behaviours.

Think about when you were at school or university and your teacher told you that to get the best marks in an essay you need to answer the question that is being asked, rather than write down everything you know about that particular essay topic. Well, it’s no different when you are filling in a job application form. You need to tailor your application so it will stand out from the others and get you top marks.

As one employer puts it ‘We get dozens of applications for each job we advertise, so I want to see an applicant has understood the specific requirements of the role and is interested in the job we are offering rather than just any job they might have seen advertised.’ It’s about showing an employer that you are interested in the role they have specifically advertised, rather than just being interested in any job or role.

Remember that recruitment and selection of employees is an expensive process for employers and there are usually many people applying for each advertised vacancy, so it’s vital that your application is well written, complete and demonstrates your suitability for the role that is on offer. Those that do, will be the ones that shine through, so invest the time in creating a great CV and make sure you apply for each job with a considered, well written quality application.