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The ICAEW Guide to Successful Job Search Episode 3: The psychology of job search success

In the third podcast of The ICAEW Guide to Successful Job Search series, host Simon Gray, FCA, examines the impact attitudes and beliefs have on your ability to win the job you want.

To create the ICAEW Guide to Successful Job Search, ICAEW worked with Simon Gray, author of ‘Super Secrets of Successful Executive Job Search’ and founder of Career Codex, in addition to experts from across the recruitment and business world to share their knowledge of how to find and secure the job you want.

In Episode 3, ‘The psychology of job search success’, Gray focuses on the role of psychology and why the right mindset is essential to finding success in the job market. He explains the critical relationship between beliefs, thoughts and actions.

He argues that commonly held beliefs, such as “there are lots of candidates with more experience”, can become a self-fulfilling prophecy for jobseekers; resulting in highly skilled and capable candidates failing to find the success they deserve.

In this podcast, Gray details ways in which you can start to examine how you think about the job market and yourself, and make changes that will see you taking a more proactive and positive approach where you’re in complete control.

In this podcast Gray is joined by:

  • Jonathan Firth, Managing Director Michael Page Finance.

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Meet the experts

  •  Simon Gray Career Codex

    After starting his career at KPMG, Simon Gray, FCA, has spent more than 15 years working in recruitment. In 2013, following the publication of ‘Super Secrets of the Successful Jobseeker’, Gray set up Career Codex which offers training to jobseekers on how to take a different strategy to their job search and stand out from their peers. His latest book, ‘Super Secrets of Successful Executive Job Search’, was published in July 2015.

  •  Sally Adams Electrocomponents

    Sally Adams joined global engineering parts distributor Electrocomponents in 1996. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Electrocomponents has operations in 32 countries and an annual turnover of more than £1.2bn.

  •  Andrew Clark Costa Enterprises

    Andrew is Finance Director of Costa Enterprises, (part of Whitbread Group). He started his career at KPMG where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant and as a Corporate Treasurer. He spent a year in audit before moving to Corporate Restructuring where he spent five years advising banks who had invested in companies which were underperforming.

  •  Jonathan Firth Michael Page Finance

    Jonathan Firth has 20 years’ recruitment experience in the UK, with the last 10 years at PageGroup. While the majority of his career has been in finance recruitment, his experience at PageGroup includes assisting with building their search business and running their legal recruitment business across the UK.