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We take pride in the fact that we publish our own learning materials, which are highly recommended by universities and tuition providers.


Each year the syllabus and the learning materials are reviewed and approved by our examiners. The learning materials provide clear guidance on the way in which the syllabus learning outcomes are tested in the exams. We therefore recommend that you use the up to date editions to study for the respective exams (e.g. use the 2024 edition to study for exams in 2024), as these will reflect any changes made within the syllabus, learning outcomes and the way in which you are assessed.


We provide you with a 'clean' version of the syllabus, as well as one showing what changes have been made from the previous year. Please download these below.  



Buying the learning materials

All ICAEW Learning Materials are digital only and can be bought from the ICAEW Bookstore, either by you to distribute to your students or by the students themselves. Please see the step by step guide, for how to order the materials and distribute to your students.

While the links to redeem the learning materials will be emailed from digital.learningmaterials@icaew.com, ICAEW are unable to send or resend these emails to you or your students.

The price of learning materials varies depending on modules:

New development: Archiving learning groups on the bookstore.

To easily access groups that are in daily use, you may choose to archive groups that are no longer active. See here for more information.

Renewal Process

Free 2024 edition learning materials

If a student has a 2023 edition digital learning materials and have yet to pass the exam, they may be eligible to receive a free update of the ICAEW digital learning materials.

Eligibility criteria

Students must meet both of the following criteria to be eligible, before the dates stated below, to receive 2024 editions:

  • They must have 2023 edition materials on their ICAEW Bookshelf i.e. they must have redeemed any 2023 licences they have bought or been sent, before the dates stated below.
  • They must not have passed the exam in 2023.

Examples for clarification:

  • Someone with 2023 Tax Compliance materials on their Bookshelf and did not pass the exam in 2023, will receive the 2024 edition of Tax Compliance learning materials.
  • Someone with 2023 Tax Compliance materials and who did pass the exam in 2023, will not receive the 2024 editions of Tax Compliance.
  • Someone with no 2023 Tax Compliance materials and who did not pass the exam in 2023, will not receive the 2024 editions of the Tax Compliance materials.

Distribution of 2024 renewal materials

The distribution of the 2024 editions will be the same as last year: our suppliers will send the 2024 materials to the eligible students’ bookshelves with no action required for the majority of students.

The new editions will be sent through on the below specific dates:

Certificate Level*

  • Monday 18 December 2023 and
  • Tuesday 16 January 2024

Professional Level**

  • Monday 5 February 2024

Advanced Level

  • Monday 8 January 2024

*Certificate Level has two dates to ensure as many students as possible can study for an exam booked in early January 2024.

** We are investigating if an earlier date can be added for Professional level.

Students will receive the bundle of materials as sold on the ICAEW Bookstore, so all components including the permitted text, apart from the following exception of the IFRS Blue Book.

IFRS permitted text

This permitted text will not be automatically beamed to all eligible students.

ICAEW will supply Partners in Learning with a specific voucher code which can be used to purchase the relevant bundle that includes the digital IFRS permitted text. These can then be supplied to the student in the usual way within the manage licence area of the eBookstore.

Students are being advised to contact their tuition provider if they are eligible to receive the 2024 edition of FAR IFRS, BPI, BPB or Advanced Level materials. Students not in tuition are being advised to contact student.support@icaew.com.

Voucher codes will be sent out directly to Partners in Learning. If you have not received one, please contact ICAEW Learning team.

Learning material feedback

We are keen to receive feedback from tutors on the learning materials. If you have any feedback, please send your comments to acafeedback@icaew.com.

More information on the learning materials can be found on the student page, including an overview of the materials, how to order them and their cost.

As part of the application process to become an ICAEW Partner in Learning, all Professional Education Providers have confirmed that their students will have their own copy of the official ICAEW learning materials.

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