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Technical releases and representations

Technical Releases and representations: Insolvency

On this page you can view a timeline of Technical Releases and representations on insolvency issued by the Institute, and information on how to find and obtain copies of these documents.
ICAEW has issued Technical Releases providing guidance to members on insolvency issues and representations on insolvency matters since 1972. Our collection includes Statements of Insolvency Practice issued by ICAEW as Technical Releases together with the other licensing bodies acting through the Joint Insolvency Committee.



Technical Releases on aspects of insolvency were issued as part of the numerical sequence of technical releases between 1972 and late 1991.


From the start of 1992 the numerical sequence was replaced by named series, as detailed below. All Technical Releases issued since 1992 have been numbered sequentially in the year of publication prefixed by the name of the relevant series; for example, TECH 17/04.


The first insolvency Technical Release was issued in the SPI series, of which only one release was ever issued in 1992. From 1992 until 1995 insolvency Technical Releases were issued in the FRAG series.


Insolvency Technical Releases (including responses to consultation documents) were issued in the TECH series from 1995 until 2005.


Up until October 2005, the term ‘Technical Release’ was used to cover both responses to consultation documents (that is, representations) and guidance. Since October 2005 responses to consultation documents have been issued in the separate ICAEW Representations series entitled ICAEW REP.

Some Technical Releases and representations on insolvency are available in full text on the ICAEW website. In addition, the Library & Information Service holds copies of all Technical Releases and representations:

In addition to the sources listed above, information on the extant Statements of Insolvency Practice (SIPs) and their equivalent Technical Releases can be found on the Insolvency regulations and standards page of the ICAEW website.

How can I get a copy of a Technical Release or representation?

New Technical Releases and representations, as well as some historical ones, are published in full text on the ICAEW website and can be downloaded free of charge.

Single copies of any historical Technical Releases or representations not available to download from the website may be ordered from the ICAEW Library & Information Service. Our standard document supply charges apply.

Contact us by telephone on +44 (0)20 7920 8620 or email library@icaew.com. Please give a contact telephone number in your email so we can call you back.

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