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Talk Insolvency

This page is a news portal for the insolvency sector and insolvency practitioners regulated by ICAEW. From here, you will also be able to access the range of insolvency webinars created by ICAEW. Updates to this page will be communicated through ICAEW Daily emails, Restructuring & Insolvency Community e-newsletters and Insolvency News regulatory updates. After the 14 September, the Talk Insolvency blog will no longer be updated. Communications will be made available through this page and the channels listed above. An archive of Talk Insolvency posts will be available shortly.


HMRC helplines currently closed

HMRC has closed all helplines across its Debt Management’s EIS teams until further notice. Practitioners with particularly urgent cases, for example administrations that are about to close should contact ICAEW and we will liaise with HMRC.

Using audit skills to help businesses in trouble

8 December: In these uncertain economic times many organisations will be looking for support in restructuring their business. Ryan Grant, partner at BDO, says accountants looking for a new challenge can use their skills to make a difference and develop their career.

HMRC IT system update

IPs are experiencing problems as HMRC updates its IT systems to gradually migrate customers' VAT records to a new platform. HMRC announced that the updates have triggered 'issues and resulting delays' for IPs who are notifying insolvency, submitting paper returns, requesting repayments or awaiting confirmation that all matters are concluded. HMRC apologised and said that in matters of urgency customers could contact R3 or their representative body.

Insolvency Code of Ethics

This Code is intended to help Insolvency Practitioners meet the obligations expected of them by providing professional and ethical guidance.


Moratorium quiz for IPs

QAD’s Alison Morgan has devised a quiz for IPs and their staff to supplement training on the new moratorium provisions. It’s already had great feedback from firms and a compliance provider, why not test your team’s knowledge now?

Q&A from the July 2020 pan RPB webinar about the monitor role presented by Paul Bannister of the Insolvency Service

Here's the Q&A from the joint RPB webinar on the new monitor role which took place on 7 July. Some of these questions were answered during the webinar but Paul didn't get chance to answer all of the questions submitted, and has kindly provided responses to those that weren't addressed at the time.

How can you control information chaos?

We all have the same common goals for our business: deliver great customer service, offer fantastic welfare to our staff, and be as efficient and profitable as possible. But with the changing landscape of technology and regulatory compliance some challenges have been thrown up for businesses to navigate.

Want to improve your team’s insolvency knowledge? Remote Certificate in Insolvency invigilation could be the answer

Our business recovery and insolvency profession is expecting one of its busiest periods since the recession of the early 90s. ICAEW has recently been asked by various firms, how easy is it for staff in different disciplines to transfer to recovery and insolvency departments to ease the expected resource constraints?

Insolvency Code of Ethics

This Code is intended to help Insolvency Practitioners meet the obligations expected of them by providing professional and ethical guidance.