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All members are subject to annual CPD unless exempt under these regulations.

Effective until 31 October 2023

1. Members shall co-operate with ICAEW, its staff and any Committee carrying out functions under Principal Bye-law 56  (Continuing Professional Development).

2. Members shall supply any information requested under Principal Bye-law 56 (whether in the Annual Members Profile or otherwise) promptly and in accordance with the terms specified. Information includes any evidence requested to demonstrate compliance with Continuing Professional Development. Such evidence may include records, documents and other information whether in hard copy or electronic form.

3. Where ICAEW has any issues or concerns relating to compliance with Principal Bye-law 56 these will be notified in writing to the member. The member shall, within 15 business days of receipt of such notification (or such longer period as may be allowed), provide a response in writing addressing such issues or concerns.
4. If a member is a CPD exempt member (as defined in these regulations) paragraphs (a) and (b) of Principal Bye-law 56 do not apply.
5. Renewal of ICAEW membership shall be treated as confirmation by the member of compliance with Principal Bye-law 56.
6. Where a member makes a complaint about the conduct of ICAEW staff responsible for administering the Continuing Professional Development arrangements and remains dissatisfied notwithstanding an explanation, the Committee shall appoint one of its members to review the complaint. The appointed Committee member shall consider written or oral representations from those concerned and all documents he considers relevant. He may make such enquiries as he deems appropriate and shall then report to the Committee.
7. The Committee may in exceptional cases accept Continuing Professional Development compliance with an approved overseas body as meeting the requirements of Principal Bye-law 56.


8. In these CPD regulations unless the context otherwise requires or express reference is made, words and phrases in these regulations have the same meaning as in the Principal and Disciplinary Bye-laws.

Powers of variation

9. The Committee shall have the power to vary or waive the above regulations.



Revised regulations

From 1 November 2023 these regulations are superseded. The revised CPD Regulations introduce new requirements including minimum hours to be completed each year and a mandatory ethics element.

Read the new regulations

Further support

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is renew your membership. By doing this you are stating compliance with the Principal Bye-law 56, which requires members to keep under review their needs for training and development in regard to professional work undertaken. Where a need for development is identified members are required to take prompt action to address that need. 

I am not compliant with the CPD bye-laws. What should I do?

If you believe you are not compliant with the CPD bye-laws, please get in contact with us via CPD@icaew.com so we can discuss your individual circumstances.

Retired members

By continuing your membership, you are automatically confirming that you are keeping your needs under review. If you are fully retired, it is unlikely you will need to undertake any activity for CPD, but you are still compliant with the bye-law if you are continuing to assess your needs.

If you do any work whether in the accountancy profession, or within another profession entirely, you must ensure you are keeping up with your professional development. This is also applicable if you are providing any accountancy services as a volunteer.

Career break

If you are on a career break, such as maternity leave, you would not be required to complete the level of CPD expected of you while in work, but we would expect you to consider your professional development on returning to a role, and to take action as required. You may wish to use ICAEW resources to support your return to work, including our free communities, online content and e-newsletters. To ensure you are receiving relevant content, please ensure you keep your profile and preferences up to date.

Our Back to the workplace programme runs technical updates for those preparing to return to work after a career break.

By continuing your membership, you are automatically confirming that you are keeping your needs under review and are in compliance with Principal Bye-law 56.


CPD resources

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to CPD. ICAEW provides a range of free and paid for CPD resources to help you stay up to date. See how you can maintain and enhance your skills and knowledge with ICAEW.

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