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Read these Business Spotlight articles for Chartered Accountants' reports from the front line of industry, across regions and sectors.

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Trade & Economy

COVID’s impact on the printed word - we're beyond capacity

Catherine Rossiter, Chief Strategy Officer in the UK for one of Europe’s largest printers of books, tell us about the effect COVID-19 has had on the company’s commercial decision-making process.
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Talent & Diversity

Business Spotlight: Romesh Jeyaseelanayagam, the FD consultant

Applying the financial best practices of a FTSE 100 giant to growth-hungry startups might seem like a tall order.
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Sustainable Development Goals

Energy transition: from baby steps to a sprint

Across the globe organisations are setting ambitious targets for carbon reduction. But how does an energy company translate those targets into action? Hong Kong’s CLP Group knows exactly what pathway it is on.
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Technology & Data

Data Duopoly’s COVID-19 crowd tracker

How live heat maps and personalised notifications are being used as a practical solution to the problem of social distancing and queuing in venues, explained by founder and chief executive of Data Duopoly, Tanuvi Ethunandan ACA.
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Leadership in lockdown: Steve Hare, CEO of Sage, on leading through a crisis

There’s no doubt the current third national lockdown feels much harder to navigate than the first. Steve Hare, Sage CEO believes it’s due to ‘lockdown fatigue’ and ongoing uncertainty.
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Throughout 2020 and 2021 the Business team was interviewing members working in business and highlighting their work in the Insights section of ICAEW's website. This page has been showcasing some of these articles which have now been built into a substantial archive. This is just one way in which the Business team has been supporting members in business. 

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