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Community webinars

Event Date Recording
Business rates update
The impact of recent changes to business rates on current business operations.
5 March 2024
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Emerging opportunities and current pitfalls in the tax regime for property investment and trading
This webinar will address tax changes which are relevant to non-tax specialists.
28 November 2023
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Surviving a falling economy - ignore valuers at your peril
Guiding you through property valuations and financial reporting in today's economic climate.
17 November 2023
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The implementation of the independent review of real estate valuations – what does it mean for you?
This webinar will give a breakdown of The Valuation Report and how this impacts the public, especially in future-proofing practices in relation to the valuation of real estate assets for investment purposes.
26 October 2023
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Placemaking in UK high streets
This webinar will look at placemaking and strengthening communities through rejuvenation of town and village centres across the UK.
13 June 2023 Listen again
ESG Reporting Update for Real Estate: one year on
In this webinar we will provide an update on Environmental, Social and Governance reporting for property investors.
20 April 2023
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Apprenticeships: The practicalities
Join us to learn more and to gain inspiration on what apprentices and workplace learning could offer your business.
16 March 2023
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Build to rent: part 3 the direct tax issues
Part three will look at direct tax issues. Joining Ros Rowe, special adviser to the ICAEW Community are Alison Conley, Corporate and International Tax Partner and Steve Tebbutt, Tac Director, MHA MacIntyre Hudson.
7 February 2023 Listen again
Build to rent part 2: The accounting and tax issues
Joining Ros Rowe, special adviser to the ICAEW Community will be John Rossiter, indirect tax adviser at MHA.
24 November 2022
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Build to rent part 1: The legal and valuation issues
The latest research by the British Property Federation (BPF) of the country’s build-to-rent sector paints a picture of a sector that has gone from niche to increasingly mainstream with significant growth across the board. Analysis of the market up to Q2 2022 shows a 13% rise in the total number of build-to-rent properties either completed, under construction or in planning – to 237,000.
3 November 2022
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Hot tax topics in Construction & Real Estate
This webinar, in conjunction with MHA, will provide you with an understanding of the current topical VAT and R&D matters relevant to the Construction & Real Estate sector. You will also gain a deeper understanding into what Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs) are, how they can be used by companies in the sector, as well as how they can facilitate the sale of your company free of capital gains tax, potentially saving up to 20% tax.
10 May 2022
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Common legal pitfalls in construction projects
In this latest webinar for the Real Estate and Construction Community, we take a deeper dive into the common legal pitfalls in construction contracts. This webinar will look at avoiding common scenarios and deploying simple measures, including letters of intent and their enforceability, key contractual terms and risks, and drafting dispute resolution clauses.
28 April 2022
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ESG reporting for property investors – an update post COP26
A wake up call for Real Estate businesses that, regardless of size, they need to start thinking about their solutions for Carbon reporting and the impact this will have on the value of their assets.
2 February 2022
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Managing risk in construction projects
Join our expert speakers for an insight into the management of risk in capital projects.
30 November 2021
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What does the rise in ESG reporting mean for property investors when there is no internationally recognised standard approach? What changes are expected?
In this webinar our speakers explain why Environmental, Social and Governance performance are key factors when risk assessing and identifying potential growth opportunities when investing in an organisation.
20 October 2021
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Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), practical challenges and solution
In this webinar we took a fresh look at modern methods of construction (MMC).
6 October 2021 Listen again
Hot Financial Reporting Topics in Construction & Real Estate
Vivek Mehan with his unique style explains current Financial Reporting issues in a lively and engaging manner which is most certainly not your typical FR update.
26 May 2021 Listen again
Commercial rent arrears – how landlords and tenants can work together to find a solution
A practical webinar giving guidance for commercial landlords and tenants on rent arrears recovery, lease negotiation strategies and restructuring rental payments for companies in financial distress.
25 May 2021 Listen again
2021 a new reckoning for the high street: the wider perspective
Our speakers shared their views on the wider impact of the demise of many high streets on landlords, investors and lender.
21 April 2021 Listen again
Hot tax topics in Construction & Real Estate;
Join our webinar, in partnership with MHA MacIntyre Hudson and gain in-depth insights into current supply chain risks arising from Brexit and learn how to manage them.
4 March 2021

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Modern Methods of Construction – a solution to the housing crisis?
Learn and discover more about MMC and its relation to the current housing crisis.
5 November 2020 Listen again
Why we need a national infrastructure strategy and the practical consequences of the strategy for industry and finance
Understand how the work of the National Infrastructure Commission might practically impact on infrastructure and investment decisions.
22 October 2020 Listen again
Survive, Thrive or Exit - strategic objectives and financing options
Our speakers discussed some of the actions you can take in your business, how to fund them and ultimately grow shareholder value.
22 October 2020 Listen again
Covid-19 & Managing Uncertainty in Construction: Dealing with contract and commercial risk and supply chain insolvency
This webinar will considered a number of unique risks that are emerging post covid-19.
28 September 2020 Listen again
Will modern methods of construction aid recovery post Covid-19
Could MMC aid recovery as we come out of the pandemic? This webinar looked in more detail about modular, offsite construction.
14 July 2020 Listen again
Covid-19 - The impending cash crunch for June quarter rents
Our expert speakers explored the immediate consequences (the impact on accounting, distributions and valuations) and considered the longer-term results including modification of agreements to cater for future economic disruptions.
22 June 2020 Listen again
Covid 19 impacts on supply chain and financial performance
This online resource, created by the ICAEW Business and Management Faculty, looks at the evolving situation and its implications from a supply chain perspective as well as what you can do now to protect yourself from the impact on business performance.
1 April 2020 Listen again
Effective accounting for construction projects
Watch our practical and informative free webinar now and find out how to avoid common risks faced during construction projects.
4 March 2020 Listen again
IFRS 16 in the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality sector
Nikki Spoor, Director at White Hart Associates (London) Limited and Vivek Mehan, Director, Mehan Training, discuss the importance of IFRS 16 and what those working within the travel, tourism and hospitality industry will need to know.
16 September 2019 Listen again
PropTech and its impact on the finance function
Listen to this free recorded webinar hosted by the Construction & Real Estate Community to hear from two high-profile PropTech influencers: James Dearsley and Nick Kirby.
23 July 2019 Listen again

Other webinars

Event Date Recording
Budget 2024: does it change anything?
In this Insights In Focus episode, we discuss the contents of the 2024 Spring Budget and their likely impacts on the UK economy.
8 March 2024
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Valuing hotels – insurers vs. accountants and what is market value
Explore the various factors affecting the way that hotels are valued.
8 February 2024
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Future of heating
Experts from Catapult, Kensa and Enerdrape will discuss opportunities and challenges this sector faces. They will also speak about the importance of policy and tackling the challenge of change, as well as hearing about opportunities with ground source heat pumps and thermal energy.
7 February 2024
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ICAEW Climate Summit
Dive into the heart of the issues for those working in business, practice, financial institutions and NGOs.
13-17 November 2023
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Supply chain cyber security series
Your business is only as secure as its weakest link. Watch this series to understand and manage supply chain cyber security risk.
28 September - 2 November 2022
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Freeports: VAT and Customs
This webinar from the Tax Faculty will provide details of the potential VAT and duty benefits of operating within a Freeport area.
19 October 2022
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Learn how to prepare your landlord clients for MTD for ITSA
The introduction of Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment (ITSA) in April 2024 will have an impact on a large majority of landlords, and therefore we predict there will be an increase in demand for landlords looking for an accountant in practice. In this webinar, you’ll learn how Xero can help with your landlord clients.
22 September 2022
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IR35: taking stock one year on
As HMRC ‘light touch’ IR35 compliance enforcement is set to end in April 2022 we take a timely look at the changes that were implemented a year ago.
23 March 2022
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Introducing the Climate-related Financial Disclosure Regulations
Effective from 6 April 2022, The Companies (Strategic Report) (Climate-related Financial Disclosure) Regulations 2022 require certain UK companies and LLPs to report climate-related information within their strategic report. This webinar explains who’s in scope of the new requirements, what information is required to be disclosed and where to find further guidance.
10 March 2022
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Practical tips for securing that elusive NED role
Following on from our webinar that looked at the variety of Non-Executive Director (NED) roles available for accountants, this latest offering from ICAEW will count through the steps that accountants need to take in preparation for securing that elusive NED position. Getting a NED role isn’t straightforward. There is tough competition out there and surveys have shown that the great majority of positions may never be widely advertised. The mindset and preparation required to be a successful NED is very different from job hunting and requires an organised approach.
1 February 2022
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Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA): a retailer’s perspective
Join the Finance Director of Ann Summers, Paul Bedworth and CFO, John Boyle who talked through the challenging situation the company faced when they decided to go through a selective CVA and the impact this had.
23 March 2021 Listen again
Resilience First Webinar  Helping small businesses recover post Covid-19
Facebook and Resilience First work together to produce a UK version of the small business resilience guide.
3 September 2020 Listen again
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