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Corporate Culture

Reports, thought leadership and guidance from the ICAEW on Corporate Culture

Organisational culture: Leadership styles

It is recognised that an effective culture can reduce risk and improve performance of an organisation, and that the success or failure of the culture is greatly influenced by its leaders. This guide, written by Jenny Jones, explores different leadership styles and the impact they can have on organisational culture.

Audit quality – how to raise the bar

What steps can and should audit committees, audit regulators, investors and auditors in the UK take to improve audit quality? This essay from the Audit and Assurance Faculty examines audit quality in terms of ownership, behavioural aspects, and structural drivers.

Why culture is important and the power of culture metrics

This guide, written by Jenny Jones, explains the importance of organisational culture and why businesses must get it right. It considers the benefits of a new metrics-based approach to measuring culture, and how the data gathered can support the organisation as it evolves.

How whistleblowing helps companies

Corporate Governance Department April 2019

The latest ICAEW Connect and Reflect report shows how whistleblowing can help companies and provides an action plan for boards. We explore the five benefits of whistleblowing for companies and then outline the five-point action plan that boards can implement in order to maintain their systems of checks and balances.

Culture and purpose in financial services

John Mongelard August 2018

Following the 2008 global financial crisis, the financial services industry has come under intense scrutiny. Firms need to boost trust, create socially responsible products and prevent future financial crises. In its latest publication, Culture and purpose in financial services, the Financial Services Faculty recommends actions that the industry, boards and ICAEW Chartered Accountants should be taking

How to Audit Culture

Internal audit will need to be clear how it intends to approach this task. To support auditors, ICAEW’s Internal Audit Panel, part of the Audit and Assurance Faculty, has produced this guidance, which provides practical advice on preparing and conducting an audit of culture. The guide includes eight tips to successfully establish the ‘audit of culture’ as part of internal audit’s core functions and enhance its value to your organisation. It also outlines the benefits of auditing culture.

Finance business partnering - a guide

Rick Payne 2014, Reprinted 2018

This report provides practical advice for those considering business partnering initiatives and those looking to improve their approach.

Special Report 44: Change management and reorganisation

The rapid rise in company collapse seen in the last decade is blamed on the failure to diversify and change; this report covers some of the practical aspects of reorganisation and change management.

Real integrity briefing

Jim Baxter, James Dempsey, Chris Megone, Jongseok Lee 2012

Practical solutions for organisations seeking to promote and encourage integrity. This research report looks at the meaning of integrity and how it can be promoted in organisations.

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