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Remuneration committee articles

Articles, feature and reports from the ICAEW on executive remuneration and the work and responsibilities of the remuneration committee.

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Long term incentive schemes

The manner in which senior executives of large public companies are remunerated is a high-profile issue and one which is likely to become even more sensitive in the context of Coronavirus.

How to prepare for a successful remuneration policy renewal

New legislation and the UK Corporate Governance Code are forcing companies to consider a much wider agenda in the upcoming AGM season.

Booth and Booth

Family Companies and Section 994, Companies Act 2006 - most common grounds by far were exclusion of a shareholder from management of the business.

Is executive pay too high?

Julia Root Gutteridge Business and Management September 2019

Executive pay is currently a hot topic – and it’s one that was discussed at ICAEW’s Corporate Governance Community event. Julia Root-Gutteridge reports.

Time for new approach on executive pay

Julia Root-Gutteridge London Accountant August 2019

Last month, ICAEW and Hermes convened a senior panel of remuneration committee chairs and investors, along with Anna Turley, MP for Redcar, to explore how realigning executive pay can help to restore trust in business, reports Julia Root-Gutteridge, ICAEW Manager for Board Effectiveness.

A new approach to executive pay

In July 2019, ICAEW and Hermes convened a senior panel of remuneration committee chairs and investors to explore whether a new approach to executive pay is needed. Realigning executive pay is an essential part of restoring trust in business.

How to end excessive pay

Excessive pay has been a growing source of public anger in recent years. Despite being snobbishly dismissed as populist prejudices, public perceptions of executive pay practices are largely accurate.

Is executive pay too high?

Padraig Floyd Business and Management February 2019

The public are obsessed with high executive pay. We take a look at why.

The UK Corporate Governance Code

Elizabeth Richards July 2018

The revised code focuses on the crucial themes of stakeholder engagement, culture, diversity and remuneration.

What affects the advice of executive pay consultants?

Executive pay consultants have a significant influence on the design of pay for FTSE 350 and other large organisations. Research interviews with 20 top consultants identified the key factors influencing their advice and their client relationships.

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