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Principles articles

Articles and features on the principles and codes of corporate governance

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The measure of Wates

Vicky Meek

The publication of a new corporate governance code for private companies has potential implications for private equity-backed companies. But how relevant is it to most UK companies.

Building trust in business through stakeholders and better reporting

The 2018 PwC Building Public Trust Awards took as their theme ‘celebrating openness’

Temperature check on corporate governance as new Code comes into effect

The UK is witnessing a battle to restore trust in business. Governance is more in the spotlight than at any time since the ‘Maxwell years’ which immediately preceded the 1992 Cadbury report.

Corporate governance reviews

Corporate Governance Community Updated July 2019

A roundup of current and recently concluded corporate governance reviews and inquires.

Good corporate governance

Iain Wright Business and Management November 2018

Iain Wright explores how to ensure an environment of good corporate governance.

The Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies

Employees, customers and suppliers who suffer losses as a result of a large company’s collapse aren’t interested in its legal form, and neither are the politicians who have to deal with the fallout.

Board evaluations – ticking a box or making a difference?

It is very clear that a new lens is being applied to board performance.

Proposed changes to corporate reporting

Last Monday the Government tabled in Parliament a Statutory Instrument (SI) designed to put into law several aspects of Corporate Governance reform as established as part of the Government’s Green Paper on the subject last year.

New governance principles for large private companies

On 13 June the Financial Reporting Council published a consultation on corporate governance principles for large private companies.

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