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The water crisis

Water scarcity is a looming issue which has and will have huge implications for humankind, however it is not a much-discussed topic, or perhaps not discussed enough. Water scarcity currently affects a staggering 40% of the world's population and is expected to exacerbate as a result of climate change and population growth.

Energy Retail: Time for a new model

If nothing else, the current gas price crisis, and the consequent failure of multiple suppliers must now catalyse a fundamental review of the energy retail market model which has been in place since privatisation in 1998.

LIBOR is being scrapped – what do you need to do?

ICAEW’s Technical Manager, Financial Services Risk & Regulation John Mongelard says what Energy & Natural Resources firms need to do to avoid any surprises.

Water scarcity and the resilience of global water systems

Water security is key in order to address the challenges of climate change and reduce carbon emissions in the energy sector, agriculture, forestry and transportation.

Switzerland and Climate Change

Climate change is an important topic in Switzerland as temperature rises are twice that of the global average.

Getting to Glasgow: the UK is leading the way with ambitious climate plans but achieving them requires good data and common standards

Tackling climate change is the most important issue affecting the economy and inter-generational equality. I’ve spent the last 15 years of my career, in both the public and private sectors, championing climate-smart finance to help with the transition to net zero. COP26 is a pivotal moment and I believe the UK really can make a difference. We have ambitious climate plans and we’ll work collaboratively with other countries and non-state actors (UN-speak for businesses, cities, investors and NGOs) to make it a success by showing how changing finance flows can support climate action. The accounting profession has an important role to play in providing the tools to direct capital towards the transition.

Waste management industry

This business and industry guide provides a summary of information and resources available for research into the waste management industry, including links to market research reports, statistics, trade bodies and trade journals.

Will green bonds be the fuel of the energy transition?

The first official green bond was issued by The World Bank in 2009. The green bond market has been growing rapidly with around $157 billion worth of green bonds issued in 2019.

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