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Practice technology: all you need to know

Articles on how accountancy practices are changing their structure, technology and business models in response to the latest developments in technology and the business environment.

New benefits reward ICAEW members even more


Our partners offer a growing array of discounts for members and students ranging from professional indemnity and health insurance to wine and cyber security. Don’t miss out.

How could your professional liability combined cover protect your accountancy business further?

In the current business landscape, accountants face numerous challenges in providing their services efficiently and effectively. One important aspect often overlooked is the need for comprehensive office insurance. Marsh Commercial explain how office insurance offers protection against a range of risks and potential liabilities that can threaten the stability and reputation of your business.

Efficient cyber insurance to support your risk management strategy

SME risk management strategies often lack a plan for when incidents occur. If your business suffers a cyber-attack, cyber insurance helps you take action, rectify the issue, and repair the damage. ICAEW Member Rewards Partner Marsh Commercial explains how cyber insurance can help your firm.

Cyber insurance cover

Does your firm have the right insurance for cyber risks? Does cyber cover exist within your PII policy? Do you need to look elsewhere for additional cyber insurance? What does cyber insurance cover? We have the answers.

Acting for e-commerce clients successfully


The age of e-commerce is here which provides opportunity for us to grow our fee income and build sustainable income for the future. But how to go about it? ICAEW member Bev Goodall explains how software can be the key to success.

Cryptocurrency and taxation


The increased interest in Cryptocurrency raises many interesting tax issues for professional and amateur investors investing in cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs creating new crypto businesses. This article outlines the significant tax issues a tax professional may encounter in relation to cryptocurrency.

Does your firm have the right insurance cover for cyber risks?


Changes to ICAEW’s minimum approved wording for Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) have clarified the extent to which policies cover cyber-related claims. What do the changes mean, how are cyber risks evolving and what can you do to ensure your firm has the right protection?

Navigating practice management in your firm

Choosing the right software, investing time and working out your priorities is key to better practice management. But are the latest software products essential asks Lesley Meall, or are options already within your grasp?



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How to build an app stack

Not sure how to pick the right tools for your technology stack? Lesley Meall speaks to firms about their experiences and insights.

Automating the accounting practice

This brief, updated guide is aimed at helping you to seamlessly automate your practice – and in turn draw lessons to help your clients automate their businesses.

Fraud Issues for members in practice

Technical helpsheet issued to help ICAEW practice members to navigate some of the issues that may arise if they find that they have been victims of fraud.

Events and training

Upcoming events, webinars and training for community members.

Pay it forward

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme portal is imperfect, yet it is a perfect example of how much and how quickly something can be achieved in pursuit of a common goal.

Develop your digital practice


How can accountants turn accounting apps to their advantage and use them to generate income? Matt Flanagan from BlueHub shares his tips.

What do you want to see in a "global view" of your clients?

A practice management system becomes ever more important in the accounting practice, even more so with remote working. What defines a practice management system can differ substantially from one firm to another, and even accountants in the same practice will have differing opinions!

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