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ICAEW/CIPFA dual membership, cyber security trends and economic renewal
In this episode of the ICAEW Insights Podcast, we explain how ICAEW members can apply for dual membership with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA). We also discuss the key points and learnings from this year's Cyber Security Awareness Month, and hear how ICAEW's Resilience and Renewal campaign is progressing.
3 November 2023
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Sustainability reporting in UK central government
This webinar will provide an introduction to the TCFD framework itself and why it was chosen to be adopted in the public sector. Expert speakers will also start exploring some public sector specific nuances adopting what is essentially a framework designed for the private sector.
4 July 2023 Listen again
Making people count - Explore how to collect, examine and monitor social mobility data effectively
From better decision-making to higher employee engagement, the benefits of having a diverse workforce are endless. Join us and discover how you can increase social mobility within your organisation.
28 February 2023
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Public Sector Procurement – Why it makes business sense
This webinar will address the business sense/business case from both the Public Services and the supply chain sides. It will consider how to best obtain value for money of the £300bn spent annually in the UK by the public sector on goods and services.
12 July 2022
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Measuring levelling up, do we have the right metrics?
The webinar will explore existing metrics for measuring the outcome of levelling up measures and provide challenge as to the quality of these metrics. Aimed at central government, local government finance teams, auditors and those with an interest in understanding and assuring the levelling up performance measures, the session will provide insight on what metrics and statistics already exist and how they might be used to measure the success of the levelling up missions, including a practical view on how these metrics could be assured.
22 June 2022
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On-demand: Public Sector Conference: The path to net zero
As the public sector is a major contributor to the British economy, it has a key role to play in achieving the UK Government’s statutory ambition of making the country carbon neutral by 2050. The conference was designed to build on the recent NAO report on local government and net zero in England. This flagged serious weaknesses in the Government’s approach to working with local authorities on decarbonisation due to a lack of clarity over roles, piecemeal funding, and diverse accountabilities. The conference focuses on finding solutions to these sorts of issues.
10 December 2021
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Social Care Funding: A conundrum?
The social care system needs reform and resources to tackle the challenges facing the sector. This webinar discusses the complicated adult care structure, shortcomings highlight by the pandemic and much more.
29 November 2021 Listen again
Introduction to the Public Sector Conference
Gareth Davies, Comptroller & Auditor General and Head of the National Audit Office, on why the public sector net zero conference is a must.
25 November 2021
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Financing Energy Efficiency initiatives internationally
What the solutions are to the problems of inefficient energy systems.
4 October 2021
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NED webinar series: Part VII - Good governance in the public sector and the role of accountants acting as NEDs – an international perspective
International perspective: Gain key insights into the role of good governance in the public sector and how you could contribute to that acting as a NED.
27 May 2021
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Evidenced based policy, the role of accounting: a case study in attaining net zero
In relation to attaining net zero, understand how evidence-based policy is made, what’s the academic theory behind it, how you report it and how you assure it.
25 May 2021 Listen again
NED webinar series: Part VI - In conversation with The Auditor General Scotland
This webinar looks at good governance in the public sector and about the process of applying for a public sector NED role in Scotland. Gain key insights into how you could contribute to the sector as a chartered accountant NED.
15 March 2021
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NED Series: Part V - The process of applying for a public sector NED role in Northern Ireland
In conversation with the Commissioner for Public Appointments in Northern Ireland, Judena Leslie. Looking at good governance in the public sector and about the process of applying for a public sector NED role in NI.
2 February 2021 Listen again
NED Series: Part IV - The importance of good governance in the public sector
In conversation with Adrian Crompton, Auditor General Wales about the importance of good governance in the public sector.
26 January 2021 Listen again
NED Series: Part III - The importance of the role of corporate governance in the public sector and the role a NED plays in this
Gain insight from the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG) Gareth Davies on the current challenges for the public sector and why good governance is vital in meeting those challenges. Understand how NEDs can contribute to effective governance and bring to light the questions that NEDs should be currently asking.
6 November 2020  Listen again
Why we need a national infrastructure strategy and the practical consequences of the strategy for industry and finance
Understand how the work of the National Infrastructure Commission might practically impact on infrastructure and investment decisions.
22 October 2020 Listen again
The Redmond Review – Sir Tony Redmond’s perspective
Hear directly from Sir Tony Redmond on his recommendations.
30 September 2020  Listen again
Protecting the public purse from procurement fraud
Hear recommendations from the author of the MHCLG review and from counter-fraud specialists on best practices and strategies to reduce public sector procurement fraud.
29 September 2020  Listen again
NED series: Part II - What does a Permanent Secretary in central government get from a NED
The purpose of this webinar is to hear directly from a permanent secretary and from a chartered accountant NED about their experiences about working with a NED and acting as a NED.
28 September 2020 Listen again
NED series: Part I - the appointment process for public sector NEDs demystified
Hear from the government teams about the public sector appointments process and get a better understanding of what the process involves and what skills a typical role might be looking for.
24 September 2020 Listen again
Is the local audit market sustainable? What actions are needed?
In this webinar, we explore the issues arising in the local authority audit market.
2 June 2020 Listen again
Welcome to the new normal – How to talk professionally online
Everyone is having to learn to talk online now, but It's easy to get it wrong when you're at home. You don't want to look and sound unprofessional. This webinar will give you expert advice and tips on how to have a professional image on screen whether in meetings or interviews.
April 2020 Listen again
Decarbonising the Public Sector
Listen to Paul Pritchard, Independent Sustainability Adviser, Iken Associates; Mardi McBrien, Managing Director, Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) and Richard Spencer, ICAEW’s Head of Sustainability discuss the role of the profession in decarbonising the Public Sector.
3 September 2019 Listen again
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