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Benefits and expenses

Expert commentary and practical guidance from ICAEW related to the taxation of benefits and the treatment of expenses under the UK tax regime

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Practical guidance

ICAEW's Tax Faculty produces TAXguides to provide practical support on technical areas of tax

TAXguide 06/19: Termination payments

A new regime for taxing termination payments was introduced from 6 April 2018. TAXguide 06/19 sets out a number of questions in relation to the changes, with answers provided by HMRC.

How to prepare for mandatory payrolling of benefits in kind

HMRC has announced that employers must payroll benefits in kind from April 2026. In this article, Michael Nicolaides and Kym Wise consider what we do and do not know about HMRC’s plans, and how employers can begin to prepare for the changes.

Ways to tackle tax threshold unfairness

Patricia Mock and Sally Campbell, co-authors with Bill Dodwell of a recent Tax Law Review Committee discussion paper, consider a range of principles to help inform future tax policy.

Webinars and recordings

Payroll benefits and expenses

This webinar from the Tax Faculty will relay the practical implications of the payrolling of benefits in kind.

Payroll and Rewards Update 2024

This webinar from the Tax Faculty will provide an update on all the recent and upcoming changes to payroll, rewards and employment taxes in 2024/25.

Employment taxes update 2022

In this webinar from the Tax Faculty, employment tax experts Kate Upcraft and Ian Holloway provide an update on the key changes in the employment tax arena for 2022.

Employment taxes update 2021

This webinar Kate Upcraft will provide an update on the key changes in employment tax for 2021.

Tax Round-up 2020

This webinar from the Tax Faculty provides a round up of all the measures that are under review and subject to consultation, and how the faculty will be responding.

Markel Tax FAQs

Questions and answers on UK tax issues and trends from the ICAEW Tax and VAT Helpline, a subscription service provided by Markel Tax.

Markel Tax FAQs are correct at the time of going to press. To check current validity, please call the ICAEW Tax and VAT Helpline.

Bloomsbury Accounting and Tax Service

Eligible firms have free access to Bloomsbury Professional's comprehensive online library, comprising around 80 titles from some of the country's leading tax and accounting subject matter experts. Find out who is eligible and how you can access the Accounting and Tax Service.

Pensions and investments

Tax rates and tables for pensions and investment schemes, updated to reflect measures announced in the Spring Budget on 6 March 2024 and changes proposed in the Spring Finance Bill 2024. Helpful additional commentary is included with the rates and tables.

Employee share schemes

Guide to the tax and legal issues concerning the acquisition of shares by employees in their employer company.

Providing shares to employees

Chapter containing advice on providing shares to employees, written for anyone who advises or runs a family or owner-managed company.

Extracting funds from the company

Chapter containing tax planning advice on extracting funds, written for anyone who advises or runs a family or owner-managed company.

Remuneration strategies

Chapter containing advice on remuneration strategies and tax planning, written for anyone who advises or runs a family or owner-managed company.

Benefits in kind

Clearly laid-out chapter on benefits-in-kind, covering tax issues relating to UK employers and their staff.


Clearly laid-out chapter on expenses, covering tax issues relating to UK employers and their staff.

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ICAEW REP 001/23 Form P11D

Text of letter sent on 19 December 2022 to HMRC about form P11D employer annual return of employee expenses and benefits.

Further support

Useful links

Some resources that we link to may pre-date the latest amendments to the relevant tax regulations. While these links contain useful information, please treat them with appropriate caution.

Expenses and benefits A-Z

Government guidance on individual expenses and employee benefits presented in an A-Z list

Expenses if you're self-employed

Guidance on the treatment of company expenses for self-employed taxation explaining different categories of allowable business expenses.

Tax on company benefits

Information aimed at employees about tax on taxable benefits such as company cars, accommodation and loans provided by employers.

Payrolling: tax employees' benefits and expenses through your payroll

Guidance on how to report expenses and benefits provided to employees or directors, explaining which benefits can be payrolled, how to work out the cash equivalent, salary sacrifice, pay periods, situations where the employee pays towards the cost of the benefit, and where an employee’s tax is more than 50% of their pay.

Expenses and benefits: A to Z

Guidance on the tax, National Insurance and reporting obligations for employers providing expenses and taxable benefits to employees on a wide range of topics.

Expenses and benefits for employers

Overview providing guidance on tax and National Insurance on expenses and employee benefits, covering the procedure for submitting a P11D form, deadlines, record keeping, and exemptions and dispensations.

Disguised remuneration further update

Policy paper describing further measures to be implemented in Finance Bill 2017-18 to prevent the future use of disguised remuneration schemes and introduce new charges on disguised remuneration loans regarding self-employment taxation.

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