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Tax Faculty

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Tax news

The latest updates on the UK tax system

TAXline: August 2022

In this issue, Paul Vohmann and Richard Jones set out ideas for incentivising capital investment, Mark Hammerton examines the Atholl House and Kickabout Productions judgements and Ed Saltmarsh explains how you can contribute to the evolution of the VAT, customs and duties regimes.

TAXline: July 2022

In this issue, Mark McLaughlin looks at the tax treatment of forfeited deposits under contracts to buy properties, Joseph Eloi explains the need for a roadmap from HMRC and Neil Warren gives practical examples of how a recent change in the interpretation of the law by HMRC will affect clients.

TAXline: June 2022

In this issue, Anita Monteith explains the language of climate change, Caroline Miskin explains the fast-approaching deadline to register non-taxpaying trusts and Randeep Dhaliwal discusses R&D tax relief for subsidised expenditure.

TAXline: May 2022

In this issue, Lindsey Wicks questions whether HMRC needs to look beyond digital record keeping, John Endacott provides case studies that examine the tests when starting a furnished holiday letting business and Richard Jones provides a high-level explanation of the proposed OECD rules.


TAXguide 02/22: Basis Period Reform

This TAXguide provides details of the reform to the taxation of unincorporated businesses introduced through FA 2022 to take effect from April 2024.

Trust Registration Service Update

New rules require all UK express trusts and some non-UK trusts to register with HMRC. This includes non-taxable trusts unless the trust is specifically excluded.

Basis period reform and estimated figures

This webinar from the Tax Faculty explains the potential options being explored by HMRC and reveals the results of a recent poll on the issue.

MTDtalk 2022

In this series of webinars the ICAEW Tax Faculty (Anita Monteith and Caroline Miskin) and guests will provide the latest information and guidance on MTD ITSA, covering topics such as choosing software, the progress of HMRC’s pilot, the practicalities of signing up and answer questions from businesses and practitioners.


The future of tax

As digital technologies transform the worlds of work and leisure, the UK government grapples with balancing the books while ensuring its tax system is fit for purpose. As HMRC launches its review of the system that underpins the tax system, we take a look at the pressing issues and challenges.

HMRC needs more resource to rebuild the UK's tax system

ICAEW welcomes HMRC’s vision of a more flexible and responsive tax system outlined in the Tax Administration Framework Review but warns that significant challenges, such as creating a single identifier for taxpayers and consolidation of tax systems, can only be met if HMRC is properly resourced.