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Blockchain for finance professionals

Blockchain is the most significant innovation in accounting technology since the invention of double-entry bookkeeping. ICAEW has brought together these resources to help you understand the technology that is set to transform how finance transactions are governed, verified and assured.

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Making blockchain work for your business

What opportunities does blockchain offer?

Blockchain - a game changer in Accounting?

In this webinar, Ben Taylor, Partner, IT Advisory at EY, explains how Blockchain technology has the potential to streamline and accelerate business processes, increase cyber security and reduce or eliminate the roles of trusted intermediaries in industry after industry.

Blockchain case studies

Blockchain has the potential to be a disruptive technology across industries, with varying impacts on finance. While many applications are still at the exploration stage, there are plenty of examples demonstrating how the technology could be used. Here you can read case studies gathered by the Tech Faculty and Deloitte.

How to implement blockchain

Why join a blockchain consortium?

Organisations are increasingly collaborating to explore and scale blockchain solutions, forming groups referred to as consortia. Joining a consortium offers a way to lower risk and share innovations, supporting the successful implementation of blockchain.

How to support your business to embrace digital

Preparing yourself and your organisation for the impact of disruptive digital technologies might feel like a daunting task, but this eLearning module introduces you to a three step approach that is designed to help businesses embrace this change within finance.

Latest articles

Latest insights

Digital assets and inflation issues

In this ICAEW Insights podcast, we speak to Jamie Bartlett, author and presenter about the importance of digital assets. Sunday Times Economics Editor and author David Smith then discusses the conditions that have created the rising inflation we’re seeing in the UK.

Blockchain: count every vote? Yes you can!

9 November 2020: In light of the ongoing US election controversy, fintech academic and chartered accountant Gavin Brown predicts the implementation of new blockchain-style voting methods, giving us incontestable results in hours rather than days or weeks.

Finance in a digital world

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Blockchain and cryptoassets

Blockchain promises to be a disruptive technology for the accountancy and auditing professions. Based on this revolutionary record-keeping technology, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have been grabbing headline attention for over a decade. But the questions of how accountants can work with them – whether advising, recording, or auditing on cryptocurrency and other crypto-assets – are still being explored. Here we collate useful information and resources on blockchain and cryptoassets.

Useful links

Blockchain: Legal and regulatory guidance

2nd edition of the<a rel="noopener noreferrer" href="https://www.lawsociety.org.uk" target="_blank" title="opens in new tab"> Law Society's</a> report on blockchain. Covers a range of key issues for legal practitioners to be aware of when advising on distributed ledger technology (DLT) related matters. Includes the growing types and uses of DLTs and their implications on areas of litigation including smart contracts, data and governance, blockchain consortia, data protection, intellectual property rights, dispute resolution, competition, tax and ESG.

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