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Event Date Recording
SRA Accounts Rules  getting ready for 2024 assignments
Learn about the current changes to the SRA Accounts Rules.
23 April 2024
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Solicitors Advanced Update – Deeper Dive of Critical Areas, Lessons Learnt, Compliance and Hot Topics
This session will cover a deeper look at the critical areas, in particular provision of prohibited banking facilities, residual balances, the recent changes to the Rules and client’s own accounts, what areas Reporting Accountant’s should be focusing their work on, lessons learned in the last year, reportable vs. non reportable breaches of the rules, common compliance questions from law firms and other hot topics and issues on the minds of law firms.
19 March 2024
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Solicitors Basics Update Two – Risk Areas, Breaches of Account Roles and COFA
This session will cover the supporting guidance covering the key risk areas, including taking costs, residual client balances, acting as a banking facility, client’s own accounts and client account interest, key controls that law firms must have in place, common breach of the Accounts Rules and the role of the COFA.
13 March 2024
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Solicitors Basics Update One – SRA Accounts Rules and Breaches
This session will cover a detailed walkthrough of the 2019 SRA Accounts Rules, key principles and definitions, and our requirements as Reporting Accountants to identify and report breaches.
12 March 2024
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What law firms need from their Accountants
Expert speakers will explore the 'usual' services required (tax, audit for LLPs and SRA Accounts Rules Reports) and how they can be best delivered, as well as looking at other areas of expertise the Accountant has which may have gone unnoticed by their law firm.
6 February 2024 Listen again
VAT & disbursements - what law firms need to know
Unlocking international growth potential by mastering tax compliance.
15 November 2023
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Virtual Solicitors Conference 2023
ICAEW's annual Solicitors Conference provides finance professionals working in this specialist area with expert insight and knowledge.
13 September 2023
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An introduction to law firms
The webinar will provide guidance to individuals who are new to working as clients with law firms.
12 June 2023
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The impact on legal practices of increased fraud and cybercrime
Cybercrime is one of the problems or our age, together with fraud now representing over 48% of all crime in the UK. We have had a real spike in cybercrime since the pandemic. Jim Gee from Crowe has worked to protect organisations all over the world against cybercrime, fraud and related issues, for more than 25 years, as well as leading research as Visiting Professor and Chair of Europe’s premier research unit – the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies at University of Portsmouth. This webinar is his best advice on what you need to do.
9 May 2023 Listen again
Advanced Solicitors Fundamentals
This advanced session is aimed at senior managers and partners in practice advising and mentoring law firm clients.
30 March 2023
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Basic Solicitors Fundamentals
Aimed at staff in law firms and accountancy practices with little or no knowledge of the rules, and ‘returners’ who need to get back up to speed.
29 March 2023
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How to avoid an SRA investigation...and what to do if you have one
Our speakers cover essential information on SRA investigations.
28 February 2023
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SRA Accounts Rules: Residual balances
The webinar focused on the issue of returning funds to client and dealing with residual balances.
23 August 2022 to 2 September 2022 Listen again
Advanced Solicitors Fundamentals
Aimed at those who already have a good working knowledge of the SRA Accounts Rules.
31 March 2022
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Basic Solicitors Fundamentals
Aimed at staff in law firms and accountancy practices with little or no knowledge of the rules, and ‘returners’ who need to get back up to speed.
30 March 2022
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IR35: taking stock one year on
As HMRC ‘light touch’ IR35 compliance enforcement is set to end in April 2022 we take a timely look at the changes that were implemented a year ago.
23 March 2022  
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Basis period reform: your step by step guide to the new rules
ICAEW's Tax Faculty provides technical guidance and practical support on tax practice and policy.
17 February 2022  Listen again
Navigating Financial Stability in a Law Firm and Awareness of the Going Concern Risks
Get an overview of financial stability within a law firm focusing on surrounding management and reporting, identifying the signs of instability, and going concern risks together with the regulatory reporting requirements.
14 October 2021 Listen again
Getting the best from your accounts system - practical tips for improved compliance and efficiency, and reducing risk
The webinar explored risk, compliance and efficiency and how they relate to law firm accounting system.
22 July 2021 Listen again
Key value issues in challenged Law Firms
Join Nick Reed and Martin Barron, partners at Begbies Traynor, to explore key issues they have dealt with over the last few years regarding financial challenges and distress in law firms.
13 May 2021 Listen again
Helping law firms drive growth by embracing tech
Watch this on-demand webinar with Alistair Maiden, CEO & Founder, SYKE and Alex Hutchinson, Founder & Director of Chatham Group to learn what is legal tech and how to drive growth by embracing it.
29 April 2021 Listen again
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