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Delivered by leading subject matter experts, these webinars cover the essential topics of data analytics.

The information in these webinars reflects the understanding of ICAEW at the time of recording but things may have changed since that time. You should consult the latest guidance alongside a viewing of these on-demand webinars.

Community webinars

Event Date Recording
Leveraging data to create best-in-class sustainability planning and reporting with Oracle
How to approach planning and reporting against different ESG frameworks, and the tools available to help.
29 May 2024
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Process mining 101: The key to digital transformation
Discover the fundamental principles of process mining, along with common use cases and tools to support effective adoption.

23 May 2024 Listen again

Mastering the art of AI prompt engineering
In this webinar, Shamus Rae, Co-Founder and CEO at Engine B, will be exploring the art of prompt engineering when using and working with generative AI.

19 Mar 2024 Listen again

Power Tools Part 4: Build dynamic dashboards with Power Pivot
Use Power Pivot in Excel to create dynamic reporting and analysis that cannot be achieved with standard PivotTables.

05 Mar 2024 Listen again
Microsoft Fabric: what is it and why should you care?
Discover Microsoft Fabric and how the new platform can benefit you.
01 Feb 2024
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Opportunities for low-code analytics technology
Low-code analytics is increasingly making the complex art of data science more accessible. Join our expert speakers to understand how to adopt a low-code solution.

06 Dec 2023 Listen again
Power Tools Part 3: Empowering ESG reporting and analysis using Power Automate
Learn how to get started on your ESG reporting journey using a familiar tool such as Excel and combining it with newer technology such as Power Automate.
22 Nov 2023 Listen again
Power Tools Part 2: Harness the potential of Power BI
Discover the power of Power BI as we embark on a journey of data visualisation and analysis.
06 Sep 2023 Listen again
Putting the "A" back into FP&A with Dataiku
Ensure you're making your data useful by applying AI. Used for cashflow forecasting and scenario planning Dataiku can help you to get answers faster.
27 Jun 2023 Listen again
Introduction to data analytics for internal auditors
Giving members an overview of the fundamental principles around the use of analytics in internal audit.
19 Jun 2023 Listen again
Financial modelling and scenario planning: mastering effective decision-making
The importance of scenario planning and how to use it effectively.
25 May 2023 Listen again
Upskilling in data with the ICAEW Data Analytics Certificate
Digital skills are essential, a qualification in Data Analysis makes you more employable in this fierce and competitive market.
28 Mar 2023 Listen again
Data Strategy – Money Well Spent?
Many organisations are developing data strategies to manage data and leverage it for the benefit of the organisation and its customers. But is it a must have?
20 Mar 2023 Listen again
Power Tools Part 1: Why Power Query can change your life
This webinar will look at using Power Query to revolutionise your use of Excel and help make all of your spreadsheets more robust, more automatic and capable of delivering more impact.
08 Mar 2023 Listen again
Easier, better, faster, stronger? Getting data from your clients
Increasingly, there is a need for accountants and auditors to obtain data from clients in order to support their work. But how can this be done effectively? How do we ensure we get the right data? And how do we get the client’s buy-in to providing us with this information?
27 Feb 2023 Listen again
API 101: the backbone of software integration
In this webinar, we will give a simplified introduction into what an API is, key concepts that everyone needs to know. and provide example use cases in accounting.
13 Jan 2023 Listen again
The application of data science in business
This webinar will explore some of those use cases, showcasing some of the most common practical applications of data science in businesses and how it can support a range of business activities.
24 Oct 2022 Listen again
Why AI? Defining your AI strategy
How to successfully deliver AI projects, drawing on six key pillars and outlining some of the considerations necessary when defining a business’ AI strategy.
15 Sept 2022 Listen again
Visualising ESG reporting via the UN sustainable Development Goals
A look at practical, uncomplicated ways to include the UN's SDGs in your organisation's ESG reporting.
26 Jul 2022 Listen again
Cloud Computing 101: what is the cloud all about
In this session we give a gentle introduction into what cloud computing is, its benefits and some of the key questions you may want to ask when considering it.
13 May 2022 Listen again
Reasonable assurance is changing
Get an understanding of how AI impacts our definition of reasonable assurance and what this means for the future of financial audits.
10 Feb 2022
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Mind your KPIs – How companies monitor key metrics
Collecting good, timely data with careful analysis is critical to thriving in business today. But collecting data and using it wisely is a complicated skill in itself. With so much data available, how do finance leaders decide which metrics matter most? Learn how CFOs and Finance leaders select metrics and the ones they care about most.
27 Jan 2022
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Machine Learning in Power BI
Want to access the power of Machine Learning? Don't know how to code? Rachel Kirkham will talk through the basics of machine learning in Power BI, and the different services available to use.
1 Dec 2021
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Digital Audit Methodology: Transforming the audit process
The Digital Audit Methodology has many differentiators from the traditional audit methodology. In partnership with Inflo, this session outlines some of the unique functionality utilised within the methodology and how it supports auditors.
10 Nov 2021
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Design for your Audience, OK but how?
In this talk Andy Kirk unpacks what it actually means to design for your audience. He explores the different aspects of classifying audience characteristics around motivation, capability, capacity and pressure. Additionally, he looks at the different settings in which audiences may encounter or experience visualisations, and how these affect design choices. Along the way, Andy reflects on ways of making data more relatable and participatory to amplify the possibility of facilitating understanding.
6 Oct 2021
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Mind the Gap: demystifying data analytics for retail
Watch our webinar for the Retail and Data Analytics Communities as we demystify big data and guide you through the steps every business should follow to take back control and harness the data it collects.
28 Sep 2021
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An introduction to football modelling: Can we predict the future?
In this webinar, Rob Mastrodomenico looks at the fundamental principles behind the beautiful game, specifically how you can characterise what is important and not important in a match between two sides.
22 Sep 2021
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Python vs R which one is for me
We cover two of the most popular programming languages used in Data Science Python and R including both languages applications to data driven problems. As well as covering the pros and cons we look at similarities and differences between R and Python with the outcome being that the attendee will have the information to make an informed decision on what language is best suited to their needs.
8 Jun 2021 Listen again
What can I automate with Power Automate?
There is a lot of discussion of process automation in the profession today. You might be wondering how you could do this yourself? Rachel Kirkham demonstrates the range of different functions that can be used in Power Automate to automate different aspects of Finance.
2 Jun 2021 Listen again
How the FC can be a future data leader
The experience of FCs in leading and engaging in digital transformation in their organisations. This session from Franki Hackett (Head of Audit and Ethics at Engine B) and Harry Pampiglione (Portfolio Analytics and Data Science Manager at Lloyds Development Capital), offers key insights into becoming a future data leader.
18 May 2021
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Behind The Scenes: The Making of a Data Visualisation Project
Over the past 4 years Andy Kirk has been working on his biggest ever data adventure to visualise every episode of the hit 90s TV show, Seinfeld, applying a sports-analytics style approach to translate and dissect this qualitative topic. In September 2020, he finally finished this project which, unexpectedly, turned out to be a 240-page book. In this webinar Andy goes through his design process to share the detailed story behind this work: from the contextual circumstances, through the analytical stages of collecting and handling data, on to the myriad design choices around chart selections, colour usage and annotation. 
15 Apr 2021
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Data prep - where next?
Dr Robert Mastrodomenico uses this session to demonstrate where you go with your data once you have been through the preparation stage.
24 Mar 2021
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Introduction to R
Please watch the short recording which will form the basis of the webinar: Python vs R: which one is for me.
11 Mar 2021
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Introduction to Python
Please watch the short recording which will form the basis of the webinar: Python vs R: which one is for me.
9 Mar 2021
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Introduction to PowerBi
This webinar looks at what Power Bi can do and demonstrate the basics of loading data, building visualisations and designing a dashboard.
24 Feb 2021
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Visualising data: The London tube map
Discover the full potential of data visualisation by exploring what makes the tube map one of the most effective, and iconic, data visualisation designs of all time.
30 Nov 2020
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How to have a statistical mindset to detect unusual data points and patterns
How do you spot unusual data points and patterns? Watch our webinar to adopt statistical thinking, a mindset underpinned by six statistical concepts designed to improve your current data analysis methods.
26 Oct 2020
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Introducing SQL to your business processes
Take a deep-dive into how to use SQL, when to use it and how it can benefit your reporting through this webinar with expert, Kevin Urquhart.
28 Sep 2020
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Finance Reimagined: How Carnival transformed their finance analytics with Tableau
Hear how Carnival UK began their virtual analytics journey, how to scale analytics across the organisation, and how to mature the model resulting in saving time and delivering insights that influence business decisions across the globe.
16 Sep 2020
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Webinar slides
Data Visualisation in a COVID-19 environment
Lessons from data-driven communication in a Covid-19 environment.
27 July 2020
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Using machine learning to identify potential fraud
This session will provide an overview of using machine learning to identify fraud. Improve your work production flow by implementing this new and effective tool, specifically designed to counteract fraud and stop it in its tracks.
16 Jul 2020
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Analysing and extrapolating Covid-19 trends - When could the next lockdown take place?
Trend analysis is used to predict the likelihood of a variety of events, and it can be used now. Business can look to answer the question of a second lockdown by analysing and extrapolating Covid-19 data trends.
29 Jun 2020

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Using machine learning to understand your customers
This webinar covers a range of examples using machine learning and analytics to understand customer data.
9 Jun 2020
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Making the most of Microsoft Office 365
During these uncertain times, Microsoft 365 has proven itself to be an effective tool which facilitates collaborative remote working. From Power Automate to Planner and PowerBI there are numerous applications at your fingertips to help make day-to-day processes more efficient. This webinar takes you through a whistle-stop tour of Microsoft 365.
4 Jun 2020
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Live Q&A: Data prep 101
Dr Rob Mastrodomenico takes questions on data preparation tips and techniques.
26 May 2020
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Data prep 101
A Data Analytics Community webinar on data preparation presented by Dr Rob Mastrodomenico.
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Live Q&A: Introduction to data driven decision-making
Matthew Robinson takes questions on data driven decision-making.
27 Apr 2020 Listen again
Introduction to data driven decision-making
A Data Analytics Community webinar on data driven decision-making presented by Matthew Robinson.
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Live Q&A: Data strategies and case applications in business
Have you ever wanted to pick the brains of an expert who is respected the world over? Now is your chance. Join bestselling author, keynote speaker and strategic advisor Bernard Marr as he takes your questions on strategy, business performance and the intelligent use of data in business.
30 Mar 2020
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Successful data strategies and case applications in business
A Data Analytics Community webinar on successful data strategies presented by Bernard Marr.
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Live Q&A: Getting over the Excel hump
Dr Rob Mastrodomenico answers questions on programming languages for data modelling.
24 Feb 2020
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Getting over the Excel hump
A Data Analytics Community webinar on using programming languages for data modelling presented by Dr Rob Mastrodomenico.
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Live Q&A: The 7 hats of data visualisation
Andy Kirk answers questions on data visualisation.

30 Jan 2020

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The seven hats of data visualisation
A Data Analytics Community webinar on data visualisation presented by Andy Kirk.
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Data governance and ethics
A Data Analytics Community webinar on data governance and ethics presented by Dr Alessandro Merendino and Professor Maureen Meadows.
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Introduction to data analytics: the normal distribution, sampling and regression
A Data Analytics Community webinar presented by Professor Maureen Meadows and Dr Alessandro Merendino.
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Introduction to statistical data analysis
A Data Analytics Community webinar introducing statistical data analysis presented by Nigel Marriott
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SQL fundamentals
A Data Analytics Community webinar on data modelling using SQL presented by Kevin Urquhart.
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Trend analysis and forecasting
A Data Analytics Community webinar on trend analysis and forecasting presented by Nigel Marriott.
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Introduction to the Data Analytics Community
Watch this introduction explaining why we’ve created the Data Analytics Community, and how to get the most out of the resources available on the community webpages.
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Further webinars from the ICAEW

Event Date Recording
Evaluating the risk of cyber-crime and data breach
Are you doing enough to manage the risk of cyber-crime and data breach in your business? Marsh Commercial will focus on the risk of cyber specifically to small practitioners, and may highlight the gaps in your cover that are leaving your business exposed.
6 Apr 2022
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Power Pivot for management reports
“Excel Tip of the Week” author David Lyford-Tilley takes us on a deep dive into how the powerful and flexible Power Pivot add-in can be used to connect datasets together to make simpler management reporting dashboards.
22 Mar 2022
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A comprehensive guide to PivotTables (2022 webinar)
Discover how to structure your data for PivotTable success. Includes an intro to the potent Power Pivot!
22 Feb 2022
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Excel Tip of the Week Live: your questions answered (Winter '22 edition) - Jan
The webinar will cover best practice, the use of functions and functionality, application of Excel techniques to accounting scenarios, and anything else you want to know. Get your questions in and tune in to learn some new tips and tricks!
25 Jan 2022
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Truth, Lies and Numbers
In the second episode of the More Than number podcast series, Louise Cooper and guests discussed whether numbers would always be subverted and who can we depend on to stop it.
20 Nov 2020

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How technology is transforming audit
Whether it be the growth of data analytics in audit testing, or the looming potential of machine learning and AI, blockchain, and more to change how financial statements are reviewed and reported on in the future. Based on our thought leadership report and our response to the FRC’s consultation on tech in audit, join the Tech Faculty for a discussion of the major trends and how they might affect the future of accountancy.
15 Sep 2020
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Why the Power BI presentation features mean PowerPoint is now PowerPointless
Power BI Desktop is a free application that can turn financial data into animated and interactive visualisations.
14 May 2020
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Ethical use of big data in Financial Services
Gain an insight into this emerging risk and opportunity for financial services firms and understand practical principles for exploring the possibilities in an ethical way.
27 Jan 2020
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An introduction to data science
Businesses are increasingly using data to identify patterns, make predictions and automate decision making. In order to achieve these outcomes they turn to data science. But what exactly is data science and why should accountants care about it? In this wide ranging webinar interview, Foster Provost, an expert in the field, gives us the answers. We discuss definitions, how to get started, the pitfalls to avoid and much more.
8 Jul 2019

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Data: a world of opportunities
Join Mark Taylor and Kirstin Gillon of ICAEW, and Anthony Sayce FCA of EY, for the fourth in our series of Tech Faculty ‘Tech Talks’, this time on the subject of data and the opportunities it presents for practice and business.
14 Jun 2019
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The ABCDs of accountancy and technology
Join ICAEW’s Kirstin Gillon and David Lyford-Smith as they walk you through the essentials of the four major technology trends affecting accountants today: AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Data.
6 June 2019
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Data analytics one year on
This webinar focuses on the progress made by two medium sized audit practices one year on from the last webinar presented by Alex Peal and Lisa Leighton.
15 Oct 2018
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Digital transformation: mega trends in the accountancy profession
In this webinar, Bernard Marr provides an overview to open your eyes to the scale of the change that big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will bring as well as the opportunities and challenges that come with it.
May 2018
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Visualising finance transformation in a digital world
In this webinar, Deloitte's Tim Leung uses case studies to provide an overview of how big data analytics will help finance move up the value chain to drive business decisions; and how robotics and AI will drive efficiency through end to end automation of processes.
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Analytics and adding value to your client
Mark Edmondson, CEO at Inflo software, discusses how data analytics adds value to compliance services, such as audit, and can be used to provide advisory services. The webinar also explores challenges and tips for a firm to consider when looking to implement analytics into their client service.
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Analytics: moving up the value chain
Carys Davies, Data Analytics & Assurance at PwC, explores in this webinar how finance professionals can use data analytics to discover opportunities, manage risk, reduce fraud and give customers what they want.
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Data Analytics in Small & Medium Sized Practices
This recording will provide an insight into the experiences of two medium sized audit practices when starting to use data analytics products as part of the audit processes.
4 Oct 2017
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Stats for business - should you be drunk when analysing trends?
Nigel Marriott discusses the importance of statistics and explains how this can assist us in financial decision making.
28 Jun 2017
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Use of IT in Audit
This webinar explores how the advance of data analytics are improving external audits and changing the profile of auditors and IT auditors. You will also learn how DA tools are becoming more powerful, and how simple tools can bring quick wins over small and mid-size data sets.
6 Oct 2015
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