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Support for firms

Race Infographic

Due to the very sad death of George Floyd in the United States recently, RACE and BAME issues have now become even more apparent.

Nick Parker interview

ICAEW president Nick Parker on making the profession more diverse and the encouraging progress made so far. Read this interview from the October 2017 edition of economia.

Age discrimination

Equality legislation protects individuals from being discriminated on the basis of their age. On this page you can find articles, books and online resources providing information, legislation and guidance.

Disability discrimination

Discrimination legislation protects the rights of disabled people in employment, education, and access to goods and services. On this page you can find articles, books and online resources offering guidance in this area of law.

Equality and diversity

Equality legislation protects individuals from discrimination on the basis of their age, religion, disability, sex, race, sexual orientation and other protected characteristics. On this page you find articles, books and online resources providing background information and guidance.

Support for individuals

Diversity: Rights guidance and knowing where you stand

Today we talk in terms of diversity, but a decade ago the language was more around equality and discrimination. The passing of the Equality Act 2010 was the game changer that informs our understanding of diversity today, but the history of equality or anti-discrimination legislation is one of gradual change.

Living well in later life - mental health matters

The Royal College of Psychiatrists estimates that 85% of older people with depression receive no help at all from the NHS. Here CABA provides information on how to spot symptoms, and provides links and phone numbers to support services.

Member profile: Richard Cartwright

Having left university, Richard Cartwright was a 14 days into a graduate post with KPMG when a horrific accident left him permanently paralysed. Here he describes how he refused to let the accident hold back his career, and why he will always see where the challenge takes him.

Getting women on boards

Getting more women into the top level of companies’ governance is a sensitive subject. In this economia article from March 2015, Helen Roxburgh looks at whether it should be done, and discovers which countries are doing it best.

Profile: Harris Bokhari OBE

Harris Bokhari OBE knows the value of mentoring, having seen how his father inspired people from minority communities. As a national advisory board member of Mosaic, a Princes Trust mentoring programme for children from deprived communities, he is continuing a family tradition

Working after state pension age

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of people working (or seeking work) over the age of 65 has topped the 1 million mark. Here CABA lists the key things that anyone approaching State Pension age, but not ready to give up work needs to know.

Key resources

New Gen Accountants

We are committed to providing individuals from underrepresented backgrounds with the knowledge needed to pursue a career in accountancy.


The National Black Women’s Network champions the advancement of women across all professional disciplines.

Career Breakers Community

ICAEW’s Career Breakers Community is a forum for members planning to return to work after a career break. It offers a space to connect, collaborate, offer feedback and opinions, share information and ideas and give and get support.

Emotional support from CABA

If you are feeling in need of emotional support, CABA (Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association) is here to listen and to help. CABA's services are free, confidential and available 24 hour and are available for past and present ICAEW members, as well as family members.

KPMG diversity and inclusivity

Information on KPMG's approach to diversity, including its targets and how it aims to meet them, as well as a list of networks open to its staff to join.

Research by Stonewall

Access the latest research from Stonewall's into LGBT people's experiences of discrimination and public attitudes towards LGBT equality.