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COP26: acting together on climate

What's the role of the accountancy profession?

The UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow will bring together countries from around the world to accelerate moves to tackle the climate crisis. Time is running out to take action, and ICAEW and its global community of members are driving the change to protect the environment for future generations. Are you professionally ready to mitigate the risk and maximise the opportunity of climate change? Find inspiration, information and practical resources to support the goals of COP26 and explore why it represents a critical time for the profession.


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A person taking a bike from public bicycle hire scheme docking station 12 Oct 2021
Proportionality and cooperation key to future of sustainability reporting

The UK government aims to lead on mandating climate-related financial disclosures and adopting international sustainability reporting standards but acknowledges requirements must not be excessively costly or onerous for business, says Lord Callanan.

Wind turbines on arid terrain 05 Oct 2021
The crusade to achieve the SDGs and the role of accounting

Implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals is no mean feat, but progress must be made. Josette Caruana talks us through the work she is doing with Giovanna Dabbicco on the Global Reporting Initiative, and its relevance for the achievement of SDGs.

Aerial shot above a circular fish farm in a loch, Scottish Highlands, United Kingdom 05 Oct 2021
Let’s hear it for the blue economy

The oceans capture carbon, regulate temperatures, and protect from severe weather events. They are also our heroes in helping us achieve the sustainable development goals so let’s applaud them.

A tractor in a field with wind turbines in the distance 05 Oct 2021
Sustainability: changing behaviours through changing priorities

Embedding sustainability into a business – even in a fledgling way – is, of course, to be celebrated. But that is no longer enough.

Hands holding soil and seedlings 10 Aug 2021
Sustainability reporting: an enabler of company value creation

Leadership in sustainability is directly linked to a company’s ability to create enduring value and build long-term resilience. Transparent reporting that is authentic to how the business is run can inspire trust and enhance enterprise value.

Rays of light coming through trees 13 Jul 2021
Accountants sit in pole position for race to net zero

CFOs from top UK companies define the paramount role finance professionals play in the race to net zero. With the Prince of Wales placing accountants ‘at the very heart of the transition’.

1000 Chartered Accountants logo 2021
1,000 Chartered Accountants

Celebrating our members and ACA students who are acting on the climate crisis by taking their organisations into the UN Race to Zero.


Builders constructing a recycling symbol 11 Oct 2021
The circular economy: beyond lip service to sustainability

Companies looking to control their costs and embrace a circular economy business model would do well to follow the example of sugar producer AB Sugar, which has transformed its business by turning waste products from its manufacturing process into a significant revenue stream.

public sector thumbnail 01 Oct 2021
Addressing the climate emergency in the UK public sector

The UK has a lot of work to do and a dwindling amount of time in which to do it.

Climate crisis 17 Sep 2021
Accountancy’s role in fighting the climate crisis

The UN’s COP26 climate summit demands far more than warm words; world leaders must explain how they will curb emissions and prepare their countries to cope with all the risks the climate crisis will bring. Accountants have a pivotal role to play over the next decade and beyond.

Business climate change 16 Sep 2021
Adapting to the climate crisis: Turning risky business into opportunity

Many businesses aspire to meet net-zero carbon emissions in the future, but the changing climate is already reshaping the way some are operating today. We speak to companies adapting their business models.

A butterfly in a wheat field 22 Mar 2021
How to get started with measuring sustainability

Richard Carter worked in finance and sustainability a decade ago. He explains how the two can work together and how to get started.

Emissions reduction

Find inspiration, information and practical resources to support the goals of COP26 and explore why it represents a critical time for the profession. 18 Oct 2021
The vital role our profession must play in reaching net zero

Andrew Griffith FCA, MP is the UK’s Net Zero Business Champion. He discusses the core role the profession has to play in helping all of us reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 or sooner.

Solar panels, greenery and skyscrapers 26 Aug 2021
Towards a smarter, more flexible energy system for GB

In this sponsored article, Smart Energy GB urges businesses to install smart meters to help control their energy costs and better manage supply and demand as we move towards a more sustainable future.

Angela Wilkinson 03 Dec 2020
Are you ready for the transition towards net-zero carbon emissions?

As the world moves to more sustainable sources of energy, Dr Angela Wilkinson of the World Energy Council sets out how businesses can adapt, and the impact of COVID-19 on the energy transition needed.


Survey results
A person standing on rocks looking at a glacier 15 Oct 2021
Addressing climate change: views from ICAEW international members

The results of our survey to find out how international members' organisations are acting to mitigate the risks and maximise the opportunities of climate change.

Smoke rising up from a smokestack 06 Oct 2021
ICAEW joins global accountancy drive to achieve net zero

Thirteen professional accountancy bodies from around the world including ICAEW, AAT, ACCA, ICAS and the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants have joined forces to fight climate change.

Climate finance

A person holding a crate in a commercial greenhouse 11 Aug 2021
Issuers, investors and the planet: abundantly served

An FCA-regulated crowdfunding platform that enables the public and others to invest directly – even as little as £5 – in opportunities they care about has to be good for everyone.

A person with a tablet in a commercial greenhouse 04 May 2021
How to assess the sustainable value of investments

Triodos has been in the business of green banking for 40 years. Its UK CEO explains how it weighs up environmental and financial risk.

A person wearing rubber gloves standing on a beach holding a bag of rubbish 04 Mar 2021
Green savings: an opportunity to clean up?

For those wanting to green their personal finances, this Budget offers new ways to put your money to work for the benefit of the planet. ICAEW’s Philippa Kelly highlights what savers and investors might want to look out for.

People working in a crop field 02 Mar 2021
Green finance: international co-operation for a better world

At a Cyprus green finance conference co-organised by ICAEW, finance, sustainability and political leaders discussed what needs to happen to ensure that COVID-19 recovery delivers lasting improvement.

Paris-aligned accounts

A modern park seen from above 28 Sep 2021
ESG reporting for real estate investments and COP26

What does the rise in Environmental, Social and Governance reporting mean for property investors when there is no internationally recognised standard approach? And what changes are expected in the coming months and years?