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Delivering a World Class Accounts Receivable Experience

Author: Quadient

Published: 04 Jun 2021

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Identify and improve where your Accounts Receivable experience breaks down. Create happier customers, employees and more profit.

The ability to deliver a great customer experience (CX) is often a defining factor when a prospect is comparing competitors or is contemplating returning to conduct future business. Therefore, it is critical that organisations get it right. It is often thought that CX refers to the point of purchase, this is wrong. We need to acknowledge that CX is a holistic view of a customer’s entire journey with an organisation. Including your Accounts Receivable process.

Written in collaboration with CX Expert and Author, Annette Franz, this eBook provides a foundation to design and deliver a best-in-class accounts receivable experience.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How to identify critical customer touchpoints or 'moments of truth'.
  • Where the customer experience breaks down in the AR journey.
  • How to overcome the most challenging aspects of AR management.
  • Why a single source of information is critical to delivering an exceptional AR experience.
  • How improving your customer experience can lead to generating more profit.
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