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Career and personal development

Find guides and other resources on careers, job hunting, professional development and personal skills to help you at work.


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Career development and strategy

Plan your career strategy and set goals for your career and personal development.

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Job hunting

Resources to help you hone your CV, tackle interviews and tests, and find a new job.

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Salary surveys

Benchmark pay and benefits for accounting professionals, directors and executives.

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International assignments and working abroad

Guides and practical information to help you prepare for working and living abroad.

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Coaching and mentoring

Resources to help you make the most of coaching and mentoring opportunities, both as a mentor and as a mentee.

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Portfolio careers

Practical guidance for anyone in an independent role, from those making the first step to those who have established portfolio careers.

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Work-life balance and well-being

Resources to help you find the right work-life balance, and take care of your well-being and that of your team.

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Time management and personal productivity

Identify best practice, techniques and tools to improve time management and productivity.

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Improve your presentation, writing, negotiating, and networking techniques.

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Leadership and management

Develop your skills as a leader and as a manager.

A diverse group of young business people.

Resources on inclusion, diversity and equity in the workplace.

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Resources covering key issues for retirees, from finances to portfolio careers to succession planning.

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