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Audit & Assurance Faculty

Join the ICAEW Audit and Assurance Faculty, an internationally recognised network of professionals focused on keeping ahead of the changes to the audit and assurance landscape. Membership is open to everyone - non ICAEW members are welcome to join.

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Audit & Beyond is now a digital publication. You can browse Audit & Beyond content from 2022 and earlier here.

The importance of audit

The audit profession is at a crossroads, with new technology transforming the day-to-day tasks of those in the profession, and the variety of work under the audit umbrella increasing. In a new series of videos, John Selwood spoke to four auditors about why they’d recommend their career choice.

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Technical releases

Guides and publications

Implementing and applying ISAs

Audit and assurance representations

ICAEW REP 044/24 IESSA revisions

A representation dated 10 May 2024 to a consultation published by the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) on 29 January 2024.

Thought leadership

Audit Quality Forum (AQF)

Since it was established in 2004, Audit Quality Forum (AQF) has encouraged open and constructive debate amongst stakeholders about how to improve audit. Find out more about the AQF’s legacy and the wealth of material produced by the AQF with the support of BEIS, ICAEW and the FRC.

Audit insights

Auditors bringing their knowledge of market sectors and business issues for the benefit of wider stakeholders, and alerting practitioners to some of the issues they should consider when planning their audits.


ICAEW’s AuditFutures is an innovative and collaborative initiative, an action-research programme that uses interdisciplinary thinking, design-led processes and interactive workshops to reimagine the audit profession.

The future of audit

As discussions about the future of audit continue to evolve, the Audit and Assurance Faculty intends to influence the debate through a series of succinct, high-level thought leadership essays that consider a range of issues directly or indirectly relevant to the debate.