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Your faculty is changing its name

This is in recognition of the growing impact of tech on the profession and the increasingly important role the faculty is playing in this space.

What auditors do: the scope of audit

Recent corporate failures have increased public concern about the value of audit and the role of auditors. To help inform debate on the scope of audit, this second supporting paper to our Future of Audit thought leadership essays explains what auditors do, why audits are necessary, the limitations of audit, and what gets audited and what doesn’t.

Influencing and persuading - Promoting your brand

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David Gillespie, professional actor and coach, brings some practical tips in how to promote your brand, persuade people and better negotiate.

Webinar resources

Thank you for registering on to the Business and Management Faculty's webinar, Influencing and persuading: Promoting your brand, broadcast on 15 May.

MPs could force banks to keep branches

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Banks should be forced by regulators to act in customers’ best interests, a new Treasury Committee report into financial inclusion says.

Getting your financial models right

Financial models are vital tools in modern business, but are highly susceptible to being ruined by their creators' bad habits. ICAEW decided to turn this situation around by developing a new code of practice.

Make company transformation a success

How do businesses rise to the challenge of change? Mark Kissack and M'Bayang Thiam share their insight on making company transformation a success.

Country profile Norway

What sort of trading country could the UK become post-Brexit? in our new fact file series, we seek inspiration by looking at the economic status of other nations. First stop, Norway.

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