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Cyber security - articles

Features and articles from ICAEW on cyber security.

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Cyber threats to the manufacturing industry

Tim Robinson from Crowe shares his thoughts on cyber risks facing businesses and some simple strategies manufacturing businesses can take to build cyber resilience.

Head in the clouds: cyber risks and data protection

ICAEW Insights

There is a common misconception that in moving to cloud-based systems, your technology environment is less secure. ICAEW’s Head of Data Analytics and Tech, Ian Pay, explores why this isn’t necessarily the case.

How cyber secure is blockchain technology?

ICAEW Insights

Ask about blockchain technology and you will most likely hear of its security benefits, particularly in creating tamper-proof and immutable records. But how secure is it?

Mitigo Cybersecurity

Mitigo specialises in cyber risk management for the accountancy profession. They protect members against ransomware and other cyber attacks, and provide operational resilience, data security and legal and regulatory compliance.

Businesses face perfect storm of risks

ICAEW Insights

Cybersecurity tops annual business risk survey, reflecting the rapidly weaponised cyber attack landscape, as geopolitical uncertainty rises.

How can blockchain technology build trust?

ICAEW Insights

Usually associated with cryptocurrency transactions, blockchain has a wealth of potential for many business activities, particularly in building trust. So why aren’t firms adopting it more?

PII market update: COVID, sanctions and cyber

Professional Standards department

In our latest update on professional indemnity insurance (PII), we look at the continuing hard market and how some key issues – from COVID-19 and Russian sanctions to the ever-present risk of cyber attacks – could affect the renewal process.

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