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Cyber security - articles

Features and articles from ICAEW on cyber security.

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In case of emergency

Financial Services Faculty FS Focus

What more could have been done to lessen the effects of the attack?

Building a new life for the future

Against a background of rising populism, crushing austerity and climate change, infrastructure has suffered. Here, Henry Teitelbaum explains how global risks demand sharper focus on the matter.

Cyber strategy

Neil Hare-Brown Business and Management April 2019

Neil Hare-Brown looks at the various ways boards should be empowering effective cyber risk management.

How has risk management changed since the crisis

A decade on from the financial crisis in 2008, there are still no coherent guidelines for risk in financial services. Peter Neville Lewis looks at the challenges and provides answers.

Behind the clouds: Getting the hang of cloud computing

Develop your awareness of cloud computing and its risks, with Peter Mandich’s introduction to the faculty’s new report for internal auditors.

Evaluating Cyber Insurance

Philippa Kelly takes a look at the risks and challenges associated with cyber insurance

How not to fall prey to a cyber attack

Pillow May chartered accountant fell prey to the actions of a hacker over the summer. Jessica Pillow, managing director, explains how to avoid the same fate.

Top tips for implementing RPA

Top tips on practical considerations when implementing Robotic Process Automation, from finance professionals who have been piloting RPA in their organisations.

Combatting cyber threats together

The National Cyber Security Centre explains the importance of government and industry working together to reduce the impact of cyber threats to the UK.

The tricky business of blackmail

Using malware to get money from people can actually be quite difficult. Leo Waldock details the pitfalls in trying to use malware, and some ways in which we can prevent people from blackmailing us.

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