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Cyber security - articles

Features and articles from ICAEW on cyber security.

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Mitigating malware

If you’ve been hacked, whether it’s espionage or blackmail, Leo Waldock advises you act quickly to fix the vulnerability – and tell your clients.

The importance of cyber awareness training

Chris Hannett, Director of Cymplify, explains the real-world impact where such awareness is lacking, and why employees must maintain constant vigilance to prevent cyber attacks.

How financial crime has adapted to COVID

4 February 2021: More than half of UK firms have been affected by economic crime over the past two years as criminals rapidly adapt to the new business landscape, according to research presented at the Virtual Fraud Conference.

A message from faculty technical manager Kirstin Gillon

Thank you for your membership in 2020; we really value your support and hope you have found being a member of the Tech Faculty worthwhile.

Staying safe in cyber space

The results of government consultation on cyber regulation and incentives have recently been published. Kirstin Gillon highlights some key findings.

Cybersecurity in the accountancy sector

27 October 2020: How well prepared is the accountancy sector for cybersecurity attacks? What kind of attacks are being experienced by firms? And what impact have major breaches had?

Helping charities, NGOs and not-for-profits stay safe

20 October 2020: Heightened levels of uncertainty combined with the hugely increased number of people working from home has created a perfect storm for fraudsters in the charity world, reports Mark Blayney Stuart.

Strengthening Europe’s digital fitness in the wake of COVID-19

The EU is in transition to an e-future across social and working life. Dr Susanna Di Feliciantonio reports on efforts to build digital skills.

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