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Cyber security - articles

Features and articles from ICAEW on cyber security.

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Cyber security: the Essentials

How cyber secure is your organisation – and can you prove it? Good cyber hygiene in important for organisations – both from the point of view of not getting breached as well as making a declaration to your customers that you care about their data.

Lessons in hacking and digital vandalism

The scope of cyber attacks varies enormously – as evidenced by the recent low-level assaults on the Labour Party, says Leo Waldock.

How your business can benefit from cyber essentials certification

Making cyber security a key business priority can be achieved by going through an appropriate accreditation process. Paul Rolison takes a look at how one in particular, Cyber Essentials, can deliver peace of mind.

Creating a cyber security culture in the industry

Kirstin Gillon asks if more regulation is the way to promote best practice or if cultural change is needed within the industry.

Cyber security sector grows hugely but don’t take risks

10 February 2020: it is heartening that the number of active cyber security firms in the UK has increased 44% to 1,200 since 2017. We are clearly on the way to tackling significant breaches. But that is no reason to sit back on our laurels, warns Kirstin Gillon, Technical Manager in ICAEW’s Tech Faculty.

Regulation and risk – the good, the bad and the ugly

Ian Johnson Solicitors Community Newsletter December 2020

Saffery Champness and the ILFM (the Institute for Legal Finance and Management) recently collaborated to produce their inaugural law firm survey. Titled “Regulation and Risk – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

Cybercrime a fact of life

Fraud and cybercrime represent a significant cost. The recent 2019 ‘Financial Cost of Fraud Report’, researched by Crowe UK and the University of Portsmouth, found that global losses equate to £3.89 trillion annually – a figure which amounts to 6.05% of the world’s GDP.

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