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We offer instant, full text access to hundreds of eBook titles on key business and reference topics. The eBooks from Credo are available online to ICAEW members and ACA students.

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Access to our exclusive resources is for specific groups of students and members.
We offer instant, full text access to hundreds of eBook titles on key business and reference topics. The eBooks from Credo are available online to ICAEW members and ACA students.

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Frequently asked questions

If your problem is not covered here, please contact the Library's enquiry team at library@icaew.com.

  • Do I need to download anything to read your eBooks?

    No. Credo Reference eBooks are displayed as normal web pages.

  • How can I download pages?

    You can download and save individual chapters or entries in PDF, TXT or email format by clicking on the 'Share' icon towards the top of each page.

  • How can I print pages?

    You can print eBook chapters or entries by using the ‘print’ option in your web browser. Alternatively, you may like to download the chapter or entry as a PDF before printing.

  • Do eBooks provide less or more information than their print counterparts?

    In most cases, these eBooks are an exact duplication of the printed book. However, rights issues may sometimes prevent Credo Reference from including all of the illustrations as they exist in the printed version.

  • If a new edition is published will the eBook be automatically updated?

    No, eBook editions are published in the same way as new editions of printed books.

  • Why do I get a screen saying ‘Sorry, we weren’t able to identify your library’?

    There are a number of potential causes and solutions, which are outlined below. 

    Does your computer or network block referral information? 

    Our website gives access to eBooks through a system called referring URLs – it allows you to access the eBooks service when you click on links on certain authorised web pages. For this system to work, the details of each authorised web page (the referring URL) must be checked against our service provider's database and it will only allow access if there is a match. Sometimes the referring URL (also known as referral information) is not correctly passed on to the database and this may happen if you are using some firewall or privacy software. 

    Note for Google Chrome users: Due to issues with the browser, referring URLs will not work if you choose to open them in a new tab or window through the right-click menu. Links to eBooks and other electronic resources should automatically open in a new tab or window when you click on them.

    What can I do if my computer or network is blocking referral information?

    Please refer to the user manual of your firewall or privacy software for information on how to allow referring URLs, or contact the IT department in your organisation for help.

    You may also need to create an exceptions list in your firewall or internet security software (this might also be called a white list or allow list or always allow). You should include www.icaew.com and the web domain of credoreference.com.

    Please note that the LIS Enquiry Team is unable to provide technical support to help you configure your firewall software. If you still have a problem with access to our e-resources we suggest you contact the supplier of your firewall product directly.

  • I see a message that says this title is not available?

    Is Credo Reference already available from your computer network?

    If your company, organisation or institution already provides access to a Credo Reference collection through your computer network this may prevent you from gaining access to our eBooks. This is due to a conflict between subscriptions, which will always default to your company, organisation or home institution's eBook collection. You will need to login to the ICAEW website from a computer that is not on or connected to your organisation's network.

    Many academic institutions have access to eBooks through the JISC National E-books Observatory Project and you can check the list of subscribed institutions to see if your institution is listed.

    If Credo Reference is not already available on your computer network, please contact the enquiry team at library@icaew.com with as much information as you can about the title you were trying to access and the problems you encountered and we will investigate further.

  • I have a different problem

    If you have a different problem with our eBooks, please email our enquiry team at library@icaew.com. Please state the address of the page that you were looking at when the problem occurred, the error message that you received and any additional details of the problem to help us diagnose the problem.

    We have separate FAQs and information for each of our eBook publishers and suppliers:

    If you're having difficulties with using Business Source Corporate, EBSCO or our other online services and databases, please see the Online resources troubleshooting FAQ for help.

Terms of use

You are permitted to view, print and download entries from this collection of reference works for your own private study or research, subject to the Credo Reference terms of use.

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