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You will need to hold the Audit Qualification (AQ), in addition to ICAEW membership and an ICAEW practising certificate, if you wish to gain audit rights in the UK.

Once you have become an ICAEW member and hold the AQ and a practising certificate, you can be nominated for responsible individual (RI)  status by a firm of registered auditors to gain audit signing rights.

The ICAZ qualification is not recognised by the Financial Reporting Council for the award of the AQ in the UK. You will therefore be required to pass additional examinations and complete an additional period of practical experience to obtain the AQ.

AQ requirements

  • Pass the Advanced Level exams
    • Corporate Reporting
    • Strategic Business Management
    • Case Study
  • Pass the Certificate Level exams:
    • Principles of Taxation
    • Law
  • Complete a 3-year training agreement within an ICAEW Authorised Training Employer (ATE). You may be eligible to apply for one year credit for prior work experience(CPWE)  if you have recent experience within an ICAEW ATE.
  • Complete at least 2-years' experience within an EEA firm of registered auditors, which is also an ICAEW ATE, either during your training agreement or once you have come into ICAEW membership.
  • Achieve a minimum of 240 days of appropriate audit experience within an ICAEW ATE. This experience can be gained both during your training or whilst in ICAEW membership. Of the 240 days' audit work experience:

You may cite some work experience from territories outside of the UK which have been approved by the FRC.

Registration and recording experience

Please apply for reciprocal membership  first and, once you have received confirmation of your ICAEW membership, please complete and return the following form(s) to register under a training agreement to complete the additional requirements for the AQ:

You will be given a separate training record and student number to your membership number in order to sit the exams and complete the practical experience requirements via the online Training File

Credit for prior work experience (CPWE) as a special entrant

If you hold, or have held, audit signing rights under your ICAZ membership in Zimbabwe, you may apply for credit for prior work experience (CPWE) as a special entrant applicant. This is an alternative option to the 12 months' CPWE allowed under our normal CPWE process – you cannot be granted CPWE under both routes.