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Excel Community round up - June 2023


Published: 03 Jul 2023

Here are all the new Excel blogs and webinars from the Excel Community in June 2023.


You can find our archive of all previous webinars here, many of which remain exclusive to Excel Community members. 

Excel tips and tricks live – your questions answered (June 2023 edition)
Join our experts as they tackle your Excel questions, quandaries, and more.

Leveraging maths and stats in Excel for deeper data insights
As a finance function, we are often presented with vast quantities of data – how can we use the statistical capabilities within Excel to extract useful insights?

We are continuing to plan the webinar series for 2023 – check our list of upcoming webinars or refer to the latest newsletter.

Excel Tips & Tricks

Excel Tips & Tricks #474 – How to REDUCE repetitive calculations to a single step
Exploring how to use the REDUCE function to perform repetitive calculations in a single step.

Other blogs

Excel Community round up – May 2023
All the new Excel blogs from the Excel Community May 2023.

Excel, Teams, Power BI, Canva, Zoom, Google Sheets++
New tech features for March-May 2023.

Organisation data types
Using Power BI Pro, it is possible to build your own ‘organisational’ Data Types to give your Excel users access to information from both within your organisation and more public sources of data.

Liam Bastick asks “do you choose to use CHOOSE?”

The Excel Name Box
The Name Box has more uses than just being the quickest way of allocating a Range Name to a selected cell or a selected range. It can also be the quickest way to navigate around a big worksheet.

Is Excel still the go to application for financial modelling?
Craig Stirk answered a question from a recent Excel Community webinar.

Checking intermediate formula results
If you’re struggling to work out how a formula works, or why it doesn't, it can be very helpful to evaluate selected components one at a time.

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