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Excel Community round up - July 2023


Published: 01 Aug 2023

Here are all the new Excel blogs and webinars from the Excel Community in July 2023.


Financial Modeling Institute’s Advanced Financial Modeler Accreditation
Demonstrate the advanced financial modelling skills most valued by employers by signing up for this self-directed e-learning certification offered in partnership with FMI.

Making Excel accessible
This webinar aims to shed light on what accessibility features are built into Microsoft Excel and how users can get the most out of these features.

We are continuing to plan the webinar series for 2023 – check our list of upcoming webinars or refer to the latest newsletter.

Excel Tips & Tricks

Excel Tips & Tricks #475 – Using ‘Show Changes’
Keeping track of cell edits and the power of cloud storage.

Excel Tips & Tricks #476 – Cross join in Excel using a formula 
Exploring creating a cross-join across data using a formula.

Other blogs

Excel Community round up – June 2023
Here are all the new Excel blogs and webinars from the Excel Community in June.

Leveraging maths and states in Excel for deeper data insights 
This is part 1 of a series of articles that will show you the practical application of using the maths and statistics functions in Excel to derive deeper insights into data.

Don’t expect too much from AI. After all, it’s not only human …
Simon Hurst seeks the help of ChatGPT with a simple calculation and receives answers that are worrying, impressive and puzzling, all at the same time.

Accessibility features in Excel – Part 2: Introduction
In the second part of this blog series on Excel’s Accessibility features where Andrew Paw dives deeper into building accessible spreadsheets and using the features offered by Windows.

Tips and Tricks Live extended
What is your favourite underappreciated formula?

Comparing the new Outlook and the classic desktop Outlook
Outlook has been a staple to office workers for decades, and Microsoft has maintained distinct web and desktop versions for the last decade or so. But this is all set to change with the 'classic' Outlook Desktop to be retired.

Leveraging maths and stats in Excel for deeper data insights – Part 2
Part 1 of this series explored the practical applications of using maths and statistics functions in Excel. This second part of the series will focus on forecasting and how to use moving averages, weighted averages, and exponential smoothing in Excel to derive deeper insights into data.

Accessibility features in Excel – Part 3: Best practices and features
The third and final part of this blog series on Excel’s Accessibility features where Andrew Paw explores best practices for creating and designing accessible spreadsheets.

Coming soon: graphic details in PivotTables
An imminent Excel enhancement will allow you to include Data Types and images.

Fraudulent numbers
On occasion numbers in Excel may appear “fraudulent”. And that can cause issues for spreadsheets, whether you are using them for data manipulation / reporting, forecasting, budgeting or modelling.

Excel behaving strangely? Check your options
If Excel suddenly starts doing strange things, as well as blaming the latest update, it’s also work checking Excel options.

Financial modelling and scenario planning continued
What are your thoughts on incorporating macros into models?

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