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Technical Strategy Committees

ICAEW maintains a number of Boards and Committees to guide our work interacting with regulators, standard setters and legislators. This page provides information about the Boards and Committees that support our technical work.


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Members volunteer their time to serve on these bodies and they play a key role in ensuring that we sustain a strong reputation and influence with those who set the standards and law that shapes our members’ work.

Chartered Accountants’ work is shaped by regulation, standards and law. As a professional body working in the public interest ICAEW helps legislators and standard setters to assess the impact of their proposals on businesses and the economy. This technical work is a core activity for ICAEW. To help us to do it we have significant support from many members who volunteer their time to serve on our boards and committees as well as supporting our work in other ways.

The experience and expertise that members bring helps us provide informed comment to standard setters, regulators and government. That helps them to develop standards and legislation that is fit for purpose. It also enables us to provide insight into a wide range of topics and policy areas affecting the profession, from public finances and responsible capitalism to social mobility and international leadership.

Boards and main technical committees

Technical strategy board

This is the lead board for ICAEW’s technical strategy, reporting to ICAEW’s Board. It oversees ICAEW’s technical policy work; our thought leadership; and, our know-how resources for members. This board is primarily comprised of the chairs of the principal ICAEW technical committees.

Chair: Mark Rhys
Secretary: John Boulton
Vice Chair:
Malcolm Bacchus
Iain Cummings
Russell Downs 
Graham Durgan
Laurie Fitzjohn-Sykes
Peter Hartland
Stephanie Henshaw
Peter Hogarth
Peter Hollis
Gilly Lord
Jon Moulton
John Nolan
Andrew Ratcliffe
Arielle Semin
Rajesh Shah
Helen Stevens
Martin Walker

Technical Advisory Committee

National TAC is one of ICAEW’s oldest and largest committees. It functions as a forum for collecting the views of a wide variety of ICAEW members from different roles and locations around the UK on technical consultations of particular significance to members. There is a national TAC as well as a network of District TACs. Members wishing to keep up to date with the latest proposals ICAEW is responding to can find the current list on our consultations and representations pages.

About the committee

National TAC meets around five times per year in London to discuss the latest proposals for new standards or regulations. Members can join meetings via video-conference. The committee covers a variety of technical accounting issues; financial reporting and audit tend to predominate, but tax and other areas such as ethics are also considered where there are proposals of general interest.

We would like to hear from members who are interested in joining the committee. Specific technical knowledge is not a prerequisite. Members should have an interest in financial reporting or audit, as well as other general issues affecting the profession, or in learning more about these areas. We welcome members from practice, business and the academic community and from the full spectrum of entities from the smallest to the largest.

Contact john.boulton@icaew.com to find out more.

Chair: John Nolan
Secretary: John Boulton
Syd Barhey
Chris Beeston
Julia Bowyer
Joseph Brewer
Irina Cheburdanidze
Stuart Coe
Robin Cooke
John Coombs
Ian Davies
James Eyre-Walker
Howard Freeman
Ben Hamar
Andrew Holton
Catriona Hyde
Michael Jayson
James Lole
Andrew Mead
James Nayler 
Sophie Parkhouse
Michelle Roberts
Nicholas Rowe
David Simmons
William Telford
Jamie Tomlin
Katherine White

Faculty boards

Each faculty is overseen by a board that is responsible for the services the faculty provides to members and for shaping ICAEW technical policy in its area of specialism.

Audit & Assurance Faculty

The Faculty is at the forefront of developments in audit and assurance, helping its members stay on top of the latest updates and best practice. Its members are drawn from audit practices and organisations of all sizes both private and public sector. It makes representations to standard setters and government on auditing and assurance matters.

Chair: Gilly Lord
Hamish Anderson
Justine Belton
Ian Bone
Sarah Flint
Robin Freestone
Christopher Humphrey
David Isherwood
Shireen Khattak
Elizabeth Murrall
Alexander Peal
Shauna Robinson
Jon Roberts
Jonathan Seaman
Sancho Simmonds
Carol Warburton
John Ward
Jeremy Williams

Business & Management Faculty

The Business and Management Faculty is ICAEW’s source of expertise on management.

It keeps its members up to date on the latest management thinking and gives them access to resources that give them the edge they need to excel in any management role. Members of the Faculty include CEOs, CFOs, Financial Controllers and a broad range of finance professionals in business.

Chair: David Carr
Steven Bastian
Christopher Ford
Amy Griffith
Will Holt
Jenny Jones
Emily Makinson
Richard Morris
Laura de Poitiers
Helen Stevens
Craig Stirk
Martin Wheatcroft

Corporate Finance Faculty

The Corporate Finance Faculty is the voice of ICAEW on corporate finance. The faculty’s work includes responding to formal legislative change consultation processes, as well as many other influencing activities. It keeps its members up to date on the latest trends and developments in corporate finance and provides useful resources to help them in their work.

Chair: Mo Merali
Vice Chair: Maggie Rodriguez-Piza
Yvette Allen
Jonathan Boyers
Alistair Brew
Fenton Burgin
Lord Tim Clement-Jones CBE
David Collins
Diane Craig
Chris Hunt
Christopher Hurley
Chris Lowe
Keith Morgan
Jon Moulton
Philip Robert-Tissot
John Rugman
Selina Sagayam
Christopher Searle
Duncan Skailes

Find out more about the board on the faculty’s governance page.

Financial Reporting Faculty

The Financial Reporting Faculty helps guide members through the maze of current and emerging reporting requirements and provides them with high quality, up-to-date guidance and online resources. The Faculty is also responsible for formulating ICAEW policy on financial reporting issues and makes submissions to standard setters and other external bodies on behalf of ICAEW.

Chair: Stephanie Henshaw
Vice chair: Steven Brice
Donna Caira
Sarah Flint
Vanessa Gough
Chris Haworth
Simon Kettlewell
Sophie Parkhouse
Andrew Spooner

Financial Services Faculty

The Financial Services Faculty brings together stakeholders from across the sector to be a thought leader on financial reporting and assurance in financial services. It is responsible for representations on behalf of ICAEW on governance, regulation, risk management, auditing and reporting issues in financial services. Technical and practical information is provided to members working in banking, insurance, investment management. The Faculty draws on the expertise of its members and more than 25,000 ICAEW members involved in financial services.

Chair: Mike Morgan
Vice chair: Iain Cummings
Richard Andrews
Nicole Coll
Mark Hannam
Laura Needham
Hiteshkumar Patel
Helen Price
Greg Simpson
Amarjit Singh
Timothy West

Tax Faculty

The Tax Faculty is a centre for excellence and an authoritative voice for ICAEW on taxation matters, responding to consultations on potential changes to tax policy and practice. It offers guidance and support to help keep members on top of the ever-moving world of tax.

Chair: Raj Shah
Paul Aplin

Rob Barrigan
Carl Bayley
Rebecca Benneyworth
Paul Harrison
Jason Marsh
Mary Monfries
Nick Parker
Jill Springbett

Tech Faculty

The Tech Faculty is responsible for ICAEW policy on issues relating to technology and the digital economy. The Faculty draws on expertise from the accountancy profession, the technology industry and other interested parties to respond to consultations from governments and international bodies.

Chair: Nicola Granger
Vice chair: Neil Christie
Rob Bayliss
Anzo Francis
Simon Keeling 
Nicky Owen
Anthony Sayce
Sam De Silva 
David White
David Norris
Demetris Vakis

Other principal technical committees

Business Law committee

The Business Law Committee is responsible for reviewing and commenting on UK, EU and International legislation, regulation or codes affecting members’ professional work. The committee comprises both accountants and lawyers with an interest and expertise in how regulation and law affect the professional lives of ICAEW members. They are drawn from firms of differing sizes, representing both business and the public sector. The Committee is responsible for ICAEW policy on business law issues and representations to legislators, regulators and other external bodies.

Chair: Peter Hartland
Clive Bawden
Martyn Best
Sophie Briars
Shane Crooks
Martin Gunson
Dale King
Paul King
Jordan Little
Tom McManners
Mike Metcalf
Justin Reid
Barbara Simmonds
George Walton
Qun Yang

Corporate Governance committee

The Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for corporate governance matters, including internal control and risk management. The Committee informs our thought leadership and policy work on corporate governance and is responsible for representations in this area to regulators and other external bodies. Its members are drawn from the business and investment communities as well as governance experts in practice.

Chair: Robin Freestone
Robert Barrington
Sophie Symons
Jocelyn Brown
Simon Cleveland
Laurie Fitzjohn-Sykes
Mark Freebairn
Kate Graham
Aleen Gulvanessian
Bob Humphreys
Neil Jones
Georgina Marshall
Terry McNulty
Michelle Meagher
Hunada Nouss
Will Oulton
Will Pomroy
Cosette Reczek
Peter Vicary Smith
Victoria Stewart
Matteo Tonello
Janet Williamson

Ethics Standards committee

The Ethics Standards Committee is responsible for overseeing the ICAEW's ethics activities including the evolution of the ICAEW Code of Ethics. The committee coordinates ICAEW’s interaction with and representations to external bodies such as the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants on matters relating to ethics. It works to identify emerging issues and areas of work on professional ethics that are relevant to members and ICAEW’s public interest perspective and acts as a source of expertise on ethics for other ICAEW boards, committees and departments. The committee comprises a combination of ICAEW members (and non-members with appropriate expertise) from business, practice and academia, and from different size organisations.

Chair: Malcolm Bacchus
Yvette Allen
Nicola Arnold
Mike Ashley
Paul Benny
Jane Fowler
San Gunapala
Constantine Ioannou
John Malthouse
Susan Smith
Jonathan Walters

Insolvency Committee

Insolvency Committee which is a technical committee made up of Insolvency Practitioners working in large, medium and small practices. The Committee represents the views of ICAEW licence holders.

Chair: Russell Downs
Edward Boyle
Shane Crooks
Patrick Lannagan
Janet Mayo
Michael Rose
Thomas Russell
Barry Ward
Jeremy Willmont
Ian Wormleighton

Sustainability committee

The Sustainability Committee is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of ICAEW’s strategy and policies on sustainability and for reviewing the sustainability aspects of subjects covered by other committees. It coordinates ICAEW interactions with and representations to government departments, official bodies, professional and trade associations and other external organisations on sustainability matters. The committee comprises a mix of ICAEW members and non-members with experience and interest in the area of sustainability and/ or systems change.

Chair: Andrew Ratcliffe
Ravi Abeywardana
Jan Bebbington
Travis Benn
Judith Canning
Richard Carter
Nicki Deeson
Alicia Gibson
Dr Rodney Irwin
Dara Latinwo
Charmian Love
Cecilia May
Mardi McBrien
Emily McKenzie
Katherine Ormiston-Smith
Will Oulton
Alexia Peversi
Louise Scott
Helen Slinger

Research Advisory Board

The Research Advisory Board is responsible for advising on the selection and funding of academic research and events from the PD Leake Trust. The committee comprises a mix of members and non-members, including experienced accounting academics with a history of publishing in leading academic research journals, and practitioners with an interest in academic research and its relevance to practice.

Maria Correia
Dr Alan Duboisée de Ricquebourg
Annita Florou
Thomas Gunther
Peter Hogarth
Tristan Price
Amanda Swaffield
Penelope Tuck