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Data Analytics Community webinars and live Q&As

A series of on-demand webinars exclusively for subscribers of the Data Analytics Community. Each month we will host a live Q&A with one of the webinar speakers, catch up on previous webinars below.

Delivered by leading subject matter experts, these webinars cover the essential topics of data analytics and provide an introduction to associated ICAEW Academy of Professional Development training courses

Community webinars

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An introduction to the Data Analytics Community

Watch this introduction explaining why we’ve created the Data Analytics Community, and how to get the most out of the resources available on the community webpages. Presented by Sona Davda, Head of Strategy & Development, Communities at ICAEW.

Data governance and ethics

A Data Analytics Community webinar on data ethics and governance presented by Dr Alessandro Merendino and Professor Maureen Meadows.

Data prep 101

A Data Analytics Community webinar on data preparation presented by Dr Rob Mastrodomenico.

Getting over the Excel hump

A Data Analytics Community webinar on using programming languages for data modelling presented by Dr Rob Mastrodomenico.

Introduction to data analytics: the normal distribution, sampling and regression

A Data Analytics Community webinar presented by Professor Maureen Meadows and Dr Alessandro Merendino.

Introduction to data driven decision-making

A Data Analytics Community webinar on data driven decision-making presented by Matthew Robinson.

Introduction to statistical data analysis

A Data Analytics Community webinar introducing statistical data analysis presented by Nigel Marriott.

SQL fundamentals

A Data Analytics Community webinar on data modelling using SQL presented by Kevin Urquhart.

Successful data strategies and case applications in business

A Data Analytics Community webinar on successful data strategies presented by Bernard Marr.

The seven hats of data visualisation

A Data Analytics Community webinar on data visualisation presented by Andy Kirk.

Trend analysis and forecasting

A Data Analytics Community webinar on trend analysis and forecasting presented by Nigel Marriott.

Further webinars from the ICAEW

How technology is transforming audit

Technology is transforming audit.

Power BI presentation features

Power BI Desktop is a free application that can turn financial data into animated and interactive visualisations.

Ethical use of big data in Financial Services

January 2020

Gain an insight into this emerging risk and opportunity for financial services firms and understand practical principles for exploring the possibilities in an ethical way

An introduction to data science

Hear first-hand the benefits of data science for accountants and learn how to get started using data to identify patterns, make predictions and automate decision making.

Data – a world of opportunities

Tech Faculty June 2019

Join Mark Taylor and Kirstin Gillon of ICAEW, and Anthony Sayce FCA of EY, for the fourth in our series of Tech Faculty ‘Tech Talks’, this time on the subject of data and the opportunities it presents for practice and business.

The ABCDs of accountancy and technology

Join ICAEW’s Kirstin Gillon and David Lyford-Smith as they walk you through the essentials of the four major technology trends affecting accountants today: AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Data.

Data analytics - one year on

This webinar will focus on the progress made by two medium sized audit practices one year on from the last webinar presented by Alex Peal and Lisa Leighton.

Digital transformation: mega trends in the accountancy profession

Bernard Marr May 2018

In this webinar, Bernard Marr provides an overview to open your eyes to the scale of the change that big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will bring as well as the opportunities and challenges that come with it.

Visualising finance transformation in a digital world

Tim Leung

In this webinar, Deloitte's Tim Leung uses case studies to provide an overview of how big data analytics will help finance move up the value chain to drive business decisions; and how robotics and AI will drive efficiency through end to end automation of processes.

Analytics and adding value to your client

Mark Edmondson

Mark Edmondson, CEO at Inflo software, discusses how data analytics adds value to compliance services, such as audit, and can be used to provide advisory services. The webinar also explores challenges and tips for a firm to consider when looking to implement analytics into their client service.

Analytics: moving up the value chain

Carys Davies

Carys Davies, Data Analytics & Assurance at PwC, explores in this webinar how finance professionals can use data analytics to discover opportunities, manage risk, reduce fraud and give customers what they want.

Data Analytics in Small & Medium Sized Practices

This recording will provide an insight into the experiences of two medium sized audit practices when starting to use data analytics products as part of the audit processes

Stats for business - should you be drunk when analysing trends

Nigel Marriott discusses the importance of statistics and explains how this can assist us in financial decision making.

Use of IT in Audit

This webinar explores how the advance of data analytics are improving external audits and changing the profile of auditors and IT auditors. You will also learn how DA tools are becoming more powerful, and how simple tools can bring quick wins over small and mid-size data sets.