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Excel Community round up – February 2023

Author: Excel Community

Published: 09 Mar 2023

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Here are all the new Excel blogs and webinars from the Excel Community in February 2023.


You can find our archive of all previous webinars here, many of which remain exclusive to Excel Community members.  

Excel error horrors (and how to avoid them)

Liam Bastick explores how to spot errors that are made regularly when using common Excel functionality.

We are now continuing to plan the webinar series for 2023 – check our list of upcoming webinars or refer to the latest newsletter.

Excel Tips and Tricks

Excel Tips & Tricks #465 – using #N/A in charts redux
How to make use of the #N/A error to help customize charts. This was previously covered in Tip #297.

Excel Tips & Tricks #466 – setting range permissions in Excel online
How to set up range permissions in Excel Online to protect your spreadsheets.

Excel Tips and Tricks #467 – Excel functions that do not return to arrays or ranges
Excel functions that are harder to use with arrays or ranges.

Other blogs

A robust data entry table in Google Sheets

One key aspect to robust data entry is Data Validation, and Google Sheets’ version got a hefty upgrade last month making it far superior to Excel’s equivalent. What the video or see the descriptions with updated tips.

Add-ins or bad-ins? The dangers of Excel XLL files

Most Excel users know about the dangers of running macros received from an untrusted source. However, as Microsoft strengthens its security procedures relating to macros, the danger might increasingly come from another direction: Excel add-ins and, in particular, .XLL files.

10 must-read tips for designing and formatting your spreadsheets

We’ve rounded up 10 top articles, drawing on content from years gone by, to help you master the design and format of your spreadsheets.

Excel Community round up January 2023

Here are all the new Excel blogs and webinars from the Excel Community in January 2023.

Welcome to the Excel Community: the Spreadsheet Competency Framework

Simon Hurst introduces the Spreadsheet Competency Framework.

Not dead yet? Do Dynamic Arrays mean the end of PivotTables?

Several Excel commentators have questioned the future of PivotTables in the new era of Dynamic Arrays. Simon Hurst gives his personal and intemperate views on the subject.


Liam Bastick brings us the second instalment in his series on looking up data.

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