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Excel Community round up - August 2023


Published: 01 Sep 2023

Here are all the new Excel blogs from the Excel Community in August 2023.


You can find our archive of all previous webinars here, many of which remain exclusive to Excel Community members.

Check our list of upcoming webinars or refer to the latest newsletter to see what is planned for the rest of the year.

Excel Tips & Tricks

Excel Tips & Tricks #477 – Introduction to creating map charts in Excel
This Creator level post explores how to create map charts using Excel.

Other blogs

Excel Community round up – July 2023
Here are all the new Excel blogs and webinars from the Excel Community in July 2023.

How much to expect from AI
Having warned against expecting ‘too much from AI’ Simon Hurst desperately tries to explain that he didn’t mean that we shouldn’t expect much from AI, but that we should rather see it as a likely stage in finding the answer to life, the universe and everything.

Canva: The AI infused design and productivity site newcomer
This ground-breaking productivity suite which started out as a graphic design tool has exploded onto the business software scene.

Power Query – matching lists Part 1
In this first part of a two-part article, we start looking at how to use lists in Power Query to add a new filter to our archive portal to support a new Excel Community project.

What’s so special about “Go to Special”?
The first part of this three-article series will cover the basics of what the “Go to Special" function is and how to use it, what it can do, and some specific applications and use cases.

Your Questions answered #7 – How do I combine tables from multiple files into a single table?
A deep dive into how tables from multiple files in different locations can be combined into a single table in Excel.

Power Query – matching lists Part 2
After seeing how we could create a table containing relevant information n Part 1, this time we will see how to use those techniques to add our filter in Power BI.

Leveraging maths and stats in Excel for deeper data insights – Part 3
The third part of this series will look at regression and methods of using least squares regression analysis to identify ‘lines of best fit’ through data and then use this to extrapolate future values.

Formatting Slicers
In Microsoft Excel 2010 and later versions, you have the option to user slivers to filter the data.

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