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FS Focus: September 2019

FS Focus speaks with experts about the increase in cyber attacks and how to tackle them. John Mongelard outlines the new Basel III reforms, and we question if they are adequately addressing gender imbalances in the industry

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8 lessons from the Senior Managers Regime

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Cover story: Better understand the risks and protect your firm from cyber attack
In 2018, financial services firms reported 145 breaches to the Financial Conduct Authority – an increase of 480% from 2017. Cybercrime experts give their thoughts on what firms need to do to protect themselves.

Challenges surrounding disclosure of expected credit losses
Philippa Kelly explores where to expect comparability, key judgements to understand and the use of multiple economic scenarios, among other things.

Curtailing the amount earned by bankers to reduce risk 
Dr Oonagh McDonald CBE addresses the important issue of whether bankers’ remuneration is still too much and too risky.

Exploring Basel III reforms
John Mongelard explains the new Basel III reforms and what they’ll mean for the financial services sector – including implementation, Brexit and the issue of equivalence.

Exploring cryptocurrency: Facebook’s Libra
Libra: is it a cryptocurrency for the world’s unbanked, or just another data gathering exercise?

How whistleblowing on tax avoidance scandals is changing financial crime provisions
David Walbank QC explains the possibilities of future scandals and the vagaries of the new financial crime provisions.

Is the longest US economic recovery on record coming to an end?
David Smith of The Sunday Times takes a look at the financial indicators influencing the state of the US economy.  

Reforms will protect consumers and fine firms for unfair behaviour
The Competition and Markets Authority has been granted powers to fine companies that take advantage of their customers. Morgan Wild of Citizens Advice looks at what more needs to be done. 

The motives behind supporting those returning to work after a career break
Paid returnship trials are proving all the rage in financial services.

The next steps firms need to take for IFRS 17
Zsuzsanna Schiff takes a look at the much-anticipated IFRS 17 exposure draft proposals.

The Woodford fund saga
Dipak Vashi explains the Woodford fund saga and what lessons have been learned – could it have been avoided?



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